September 23, 2020

New York joins protests, with arrests, over the death of George Floyd

A hundred people protested this Thursday in New York over the death of George Floyd, which occurred on May 25 at the hands of a white police officer in Minneapolis (USA), in a case that in the Big Apple has been compared to the death in 2014 of another black man, Eric Garner, a protest in which there were some bottle throwings and fighting with the police, which arrested at least 5 people.

Fired up by protesters, wearing masks and gloves for COVID-19, they gathered in the iconic Union Square in Manhattan carrying signs with repudiation messages, under the close surveillance of dozens of policemen, a protest that covered several streets of the city for hours. city ​​with cries of “I can’t breathe” and demanding justice for Floyd.

The black man died last Monday when a white police officer put a knee to his neck, which has reminded New Yorkers of the death of Garner, an asthmatic, to whom a prohibited police officer applied a prohibited choke key when trying to arrest him, despite his cries of “I can’t breathe” as heard in a video.

During the protest this Thursday, in which the protesters threw bottles and other objects at the police, who also wore face masks, there were various arrests of protesters, according to various local media, and which according to the authorities interrupted the free passage of vehicles.

Floyd’s death has sparked massive protests for two days in the United States. and in some cases riots and looting of shops, which has reached New York in a tense protest against police brutality, as has happened in other notable cases.

Zones of Minneapolis woke up Thursday in flames after the protests.

The incident occurred on Monday night, when a police patrol of four officers attended a site in the city where it had been reported that a person had tried to pay with a fake ticket.

The policemen found Floyd sitting in his vehicle and when he was ordered to leave, according to the official version, the individual resisted arrest, for which one of the officers subdued him by throwing him on the ground and, climbing on him, pressing his knee against his neck as his three companions watched the scene.

In a video broadcast on social networks, the white agent squeezes his neck with his knee for several minutes despite the man’s desperate complaints that he could not breathe, while his colleagues watched.

Floyd, 46, died shortly thereafter in a hospital, in a case already under investigation by the FBI, and which has sparked reactions across the country, including from New York Police Chief Dermont Shea as well as the Governor. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio, who said he was “horrified” after watching the video of what happened.

Shea went to the department’s Twitter account on Thursday to point out that what happened “was deeply disturbing. He was wrong.”

“We must unite, condemn these actions, and reinforce who we are as members of the New York police force,” said Shea, who said it is “unacceptable anywhere.”

While Cuomo, former attorney general of New York before becoming governor, considers that the Minnesota Prosecutor’s Office has a criminal case before him and compared the case with Garner’s.

“Incidents like this should never happen anywhere in this country,” said the governor, who also noted that a police officer should not act that way in this country.

The Minneapolis Police Department announced the firing of the four officers, although it has not filed charges against them.

Protests have also been reported in Los Angeles, California and Memphis, Tennessee.


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