July 10, 2020

New York criticizes being the second state that will receive less funds for COVID-19

The New York State Government reproached the White House on Wednesday for being the second state in the country to which the least funds will be allocated to alleviate the consequences of the expansion of COVID-19 in the United States, which it described as “rude political manipulation” .

“Based on initial reports, the New York State Government will receive approximately $ 3.1 billion – 1.9% of the total budget – the second smallest amount in the entire country. Literally 48 (of the 50 states) receive the highest percentage of the funds that New York “, denounced the governor’s communication director, Dani Leve.

Leve also insisted that the plan is “one more example of politicization” of the situation, referring to the pulse that the president of the country, Donald Trump, of the Republican Party, maintains with the state and the city of New York, governed by the Democratic Party.

Governor Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday called the “$ 2 trillion” package in fiscal stimuli to be approved by Congress “terrible” and insufficient, which plans to make direct payments and unemployment benefits to citizens, states and businesses. affected by the public health crisis unleashed by COVID-19.

Of the $ 3.8 billion that goes to the state, $ 1.3 billion will go to New York City.

“It is a drop in a bucket,” said Cuomo, who warned that the state will have a hole of 15,000 million in costs and who maintained that the allocation falls short to “cover it.”

Cuomo’s communications director stressed that New York, epicenter of the pandemic in the United States with more than 30,000 cases, “is incurring enormous costs.”

In this sense, he gave as an example the states of Wyoming, which with 40 confirmed infections will receive 17.1% of the money destined to the stimuli, that of Texas, which will receive more funds despite having 30 times fewer cases than New York, and that of Dacota del Sur, which will take 17.9% of the emergency budget item.

All three largely support Donald Trump’s Republican Party.

“Adding to this inequality is the fact that New York State contributes more to the federal government than any other state in the nation,” Leve concluded.

New York has repeatedly denounced harassment by President Trump, born in the New York neighborhood of Queens.


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