March 6, 2021

New York celebrates the triumph and activism of the women's soccer team | sports

General Dwight Eisenhower had his own parade to lead the Allied Forces, just like Charles Lindberg after crossing the Atlantic alone by plane. Astronauts, Nelson Mandela, and several times the Yankees, the Metz and the Giants, won their respective leagues. This Wednesday, the center of the celebration was the women's soccer team after his resounding triumph in France to the cry of "USA".

It was an act that served to applaud also the defense that its members do for gender equality in the world of sports and denounce social injustice. "On and off the field," said Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio, "this team represents the best of New York and our country." "The confidence, courage and perseverance of the women's national team is an inspiration to all those who watch them play," the presidential candidate added.

The mayor says that if he were president he would resort to his powers to force the Federation to end wage discrimination against women. Governor Andrew Cuomo also took the opportunity to press signing legislation that guarantees equal pay. "If women are not paid what is paid to men, you will not be able to do business in New York."

The fans of the national team want Megan Rapinoe to be the president in 2020, as could be read on numerous placards. Charlotte says the captain is her heroine. He was at the celebration that was held four years ago. "This is very different," he compares, "now there is much more energy. I hope it remains to continue giving strength to their activism. "

Rapinoe said during the ceremony that it is an honor to lead the team. "There is no other place I would like to be, not in the presidential race," he joked, "I'm sorry, I'm too busy." Before, in an interview with CNN, he sent a message to Donald Trump. "Your message excludes people who look like me," he denounced, "to Americans who can support you." Charlotte, who is a lesbian like her, insists that what Rapinoe is doing is very important for the homosexual community.

The dungeon of Megan Rapinoe dominated among the tens of thousands of fans who took to the streets. There were also many shirts with 13 from Alex Morgan and 17 from Tobin Heath. "They are the example that dreams can be fulfilled," says Charlotte. Play soccer since the age of four. Now he is 14 years old. She approached with six friends from New Jersey to participate in the event.

Stephanie Maden, one of the mothers who accompanied him, says it is frustrating "that women are below when they are achieving much more. They have much more audience, they sell a lot more clothes ". In March, the selection sued the Federation for gender discrimination. The two parties agreed to negotiate an agreement after the World Cup. After the final whistle in Lyon, the hobby claimed to pay salary chorus to the cry of "equal pay" in the presence of the president of FIFA.

Carlos Cordeiro, president of US Soccer, described as "unprecedented success" the triumph of the women's team. "They are 22 of the best athletes ever produced by the US." He also recognized the effort they make to be great also outside the field. "You have raised your voices for equality, we have listened to you, we believe in you and we are willing to do the right thing," he assured. "You have shown that you are on our side," Megan Rapinoe told him.

Tickets to participate in the celebration sold out in minutes. It is the second time that the US women's soccer team shares its victory in New York. The previous one was when he won the World Cup in 2015. And it is also the second time that a team of women has paraded through the Canyon of the Heroes, as the path between skyscrapers on Broadway Avenue in the financial district is known. The city hosted a total of 206 parades in its history.

It is the mayor who decides who receives the celebration. The event owes its name to the paper tape that came out of the machines that on Wall Street recorded the value of the titles that were quoted in the New York parquet. The employees threw them as a serpentine from the windows, creating a whirlpool effect. In the last one, several tons of confetti were thrown to the passage of the procession. At the ceremony at the town hall, each team member received the keys to the city.

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