July 25, 2021

New York blocks sick leave pays travelers to outbreaks COVID-19

New York State, which went from being the main focus of COVID-19 in the United States to having the lowest transmission rate, on Saturday tightened its measures to avoid imported cases and will prevent workers from voluntarily traveling to hot spots in coronaviruses in the country are eligible for paid sick leave.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued an executive order requiring workers to “forego” that benefit under New York law “if they make a non-essential trip to any state with a positive rate greater than 10 per 100,000 residents. , or an average cumulative positivity rate for a week of 10%, “according to a statement.

The rule, which will not apply to New Yorkers traveling to those states for work or at the request of their employers, has been imposed a few days after New York and its neighbors New Jersey and Connecticut required 14-day quarantines for visitors. that come from current COVID-19 outbreaks in the US

As of today, those outbreaks are Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, the two Carolinas, Texas, and Utah.

According to Johns Hopkins University, New York remains the most affected state in the US by the coronavirus with 391,923 confirmed cases and 31,342 deaths, only below Brazil, the United Kingdom and Italy, but it continues to progress in its indicators as the western and southern regions worsen.

Cuomo noted that 0.96% of the 73,000 COVID tests conducted in New York yesterday were positive; hospitalizations dropped to 903 people and the deceased to 13, the result of a “response based on science and not politics”, but warned that we should not let our guard down.

In this regard, he reported that a “potential exposure” to the virus is being investigated at a graduation ceremony in Westchester County, attended by a student who had recently traveled to Florida and who has tested positive.

Four people that student had contact with at the event have also tested positive and are all subjected to isolation.

Authorities are tracking their contacts and have asked all those who attended the ceremony and another student meeting with nearby schools to isolate until July 5, in which the first case from Florida participated.

New York, which is in an advanced phase of reopening in most of its territory, has imposed isolation and quarantine measures in two other local sources of contagion identified in an apple packing plant, in Oswego County, and in a aluminum production factory in Montgomery County.


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