New York announces "tremendous progress" in the fight against the coronavirus

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Sunday that the region is registering "tremendous progress" in the number of cases of coronavirus, since there has been a significant reduction in both the number of infections, hospital admissions and deaths , which dropped 56 people on Saturday.

The 56 deaths across the state, of which 49 occurred in hospitals and 7 in nursing homes, represents a further reduction in deaths from the 67 that were recorded both on Friday and Thursday.

"This is very, very good news. There will come a point where the number of deaths from coronaviruses cannot be reduced any further because people will continue to die from other things," said Cuomo, who noted that "the coronavirus is very good at affecting people who already have pre-existing diseases. "

"This reduction in the number of deaths is tremendous progress," said the governor, who said New York had been through a "hellish situation" that has already been overcome, something he described as a "lesson for all."

On Saturday, the Governor announced that four regions, including New York City, have met the requirements to enter the first phase of reopening, while five other areas, Central New York, Finger Lakes, Mohawk Valley , North Country and Southern Tier, can already start the second.

Specifically, he confirmed that New York City will begin the reactivation process on June 8, and until then another 10 coronavirus test points will be opened, which will focus on the areas most affected by the disease.

According to the latest data from New York City authorities, in total there have been more than 200,000 cases, 52,000 hospitalizations and 16,800 confirmed deaths in the metropolis, to which are added another 4,700 probable deaths.

For its part, Johns Hopkins University has recorded more than 370,000 cases across New York State, 89,400 hospitalizations, and 29,700 deaths.


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