March 7, 2021

New York and ACLU reject immigration raids announced by Trump

The governor and the attorney general of New York and the Union of Civil Liberties of the United States (ACLU, for its acronym in English) rejected on Thursday the immigration raids announced by US President Donald Trump, and scheduled for this Sunday.

The governor of the city, Andrew Cuomo, denounced Trump's decision and described it as a "despicable and inhumane directive."

Also, Cuomo, who has promised to address the Trump Administration's actions, has given notice to the affected state departments to help families in need of legal services.

The State Attorney General, Letitia James, meanwhile, said in a statement that "the Trump Administration's insistence on using migrant families as a piece of negotiation with the leaders of Congress is as deplorable as an act against values Americans. "

"As responsible for the New York security forces, I will do everything in my power to ensure the protection of the rights of these families, and I will face any incursion or threat of possible violation of our state's civil rights because, in United States, we value our immigrant community, "he said in the statement.

ACLU presented this Thursday in New York a lawsuit in federal court against the attorney general, William Barr, and the Directorate of Immigration and Customs Control (ICE), among others, with which he intends to paralyze these raids that they consider illegal in their own right.

According to the legal text, the plaintiffs "seek to prevent imminent deportations in violation of the most basic principles of a fair process: the right to be notified and an opportunity to be heard."

"Several courts have issued precautionary measures against ICE's use of mass deportations free of prosecution, where specific populations have been targeted," reads the text of the complaint, with the aim of guarantee a fair judicial procedure.

In mid-June, Trump said on Twitter that ICE would begin a process to deport "millions" of undocumented immigrants.

Shortly after, it was learned that ICE planned massive raids in 10 cities of the country from June 23 to increase the deportations of undocumented families who have received expulsion orders.

ICE was going to arrest some 2,000 families of undocumented immigrants in New York, Miami (Florida), Houston (Texas), Los Angeles and San Francisco (California), Chicago (Illinois), Atlanta (Georgia), New Orleans (Louisiana), Baltimore (Maryland) and Denver (Colorado).

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