‘New ways to mix’ is born, a musical space dedicated to emerging Canarian artists – La Provincia

Bifrutas de Pascual chose the Canary Islands to present their new visual identity and new recipes and to celebrate it they want to strengthen ties with the islands by focusing on the talent, creativity of emerging Canarian musicians. To that end it debuts ‘New ways to mix’, a virtual content space, with 30-minute chapters presented by Tony Aguilar, to be broadcast on the Youtube and Instagram Of the brand. In this way, Bifrutas creates a space that is aligned with its values, in which mixing, naturalness, creativity and young talent will play a leading role.

Tony Aguilar will talk with Canarian artists such as El Vega, Eva Ruiz, Sofi de la Torre or Los Vinagres in different chapters that will combine the concepts of interview and concert. In this way, artists will be able to explain their vision of naturalness and mixing in music, exemplifying it, in addition to their voice, with their own songs.

With a dynamic touch and a casual and natural air ‘New ways to mix’ brings young talents closer to the Canarian public, showing facets of the musicians themselves and their creative processes that go beyond songs and at the same time exploring the importance of the diversity and the stylistic mixture in the music of each one of them.

Each chapter will open with music. The artist will choose the song that most identifies with one of the brand’s main values: mixing. After exploring this concept in all its areas, Tony Aguilar will subject the guest to a ‘Naturality Test’. To close the chapter, the artists will talk about their musical and personal evolution over the past few years and will launch a question directed at the guest singer in the next chapter.

In this way, it manages to give visibility to a emerging, dynamic and very active music scene in which styles as diverse as Hip Hop or R&B and artists from different origins and influences that embody the value of the mix and naturalness come together.


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