June 14, 2021

New upswing in “imported” cases in China

New cases of coronavirus rose to 30 in China on Tuesday, 23 of them from abroad, compared to 11 infections on Monday and 12 on Sunday, the National Health Commission reported today.

Although on Sunday there were 4 new infections locally and 8 imported, and on Monday 7 local and 4 imported, on Tuesday the figure stood at 7 and 23, respectively, breaking the downward trend of recent days.

The seven new local cases were reported in the northern Heilongjiang province, where an increase in infections previously caused by Chinese nationals arriving from Russia had previously been detected.

There were no new deaths in the last 24 hours and 28 patients were discharged, but three new suspected cases were registered, all of them “imported”.

The number of cases from abroad stands at 811, 41 of which are in serious condition.

No new infections were detected in the focus of the Hubei province pandemic and 5 patients were discharged, in the provincial capital of Wuhan.

97 cases remain active in this province, all of them in Wuhan, 15 of them in serious condition.

The infected “active” in the country are now 1,005, 78 of them in serious condition, among the total of 82,788 cases registered since the beginning of the disease, of which 77,151 have been discharged and 4,632 have died.

The death toll rose from the 3,342 counted up to the count on Friday the 17th, after Wuhan surprised with a revision of the figures and added 1,290 fatalities to the 2,579 that had been announced in the city so far, until reaching a total of 3,869.

Moreover, a total of 727,589 close contacts to those infected have been tracked, of which 8,796 close contacts are still under medical observation.

Regarding asymptomatic infections, 42 new cases were recorded on Tuesday, seven of them from abroad. A total of 991 infected people without symptoms remain under observation – of them, 172 come from abroad.

In Hong Kong cases rise to 1,029 with four deaths and in Taiwan a total of 425 cases and 6 deaths are recorded.

The symptoms of the new coronavirus are in many cases similar to those of a cold, but may be accompanied by fever and fatigue, dry cough and dyspnea (shortness of breath).


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