New tragedy in El Estrecho could have left another 9 immigrants dead

A minor from Guinea who has survived a boat trip and was rescued by surfers on the coast of El Palmar, in Cádiz, has unveiled a new tragedy in El Estrecho that would have cost the lives of the nine immigrants who traveled with him in a small toy boat, sources from the Civil Guard have informed EFE.

One of the victims is the sub-Saharan woman of about 30 years whose corpse appeared on the beach of El Palmar, in the municipality of Vejer de la Frontera, yesterday afternoon.

Another is a sub-Saharan male whose body has been found on the beach of Los Corrales, in Chipiona, about 90 kilometers from El Palmar, about 6:30 this morning.

The Civil Guard immediately linked the facts with the terrible story that a day earlier, on Monday afternoon, gave a minor sub-Saharan boy who was rescued from the water by some surfers on the same beach and who was transferred with severe hypothermia to the Hospital of Puerto Real, where he remains hospitalized.

The youngest, from Guinea, said that after traveling two years in Africa with the hope of reaching Europe, he arrived in Tangier (Morocco).

There he paid 700 euros to an organization that supposedly was going to make him arrive in a motor boat to the Spanish coast with six other people.

"What were going to be six people were ten and what was going to be a motorboat became a 'toy' (inflatable toy boat) with a single oar", explained the sources.

The boy has related that at that time he only saw two options in front of him, be stopped by the Moroccan police or go to sea under these conditions, and he chose, like the other nine people, for the second.

In that 'toy' they spent a week at sea, trying to reach the coast of Cádiz.

The cold, the lack of food and water, and the strong waves caused some of the occupants to die in the boat. Their fellow travelers threw their bodies into the water.

Others, according to the story of this boy, fell into the water and drowned because they did not have the strength to climb back into the toy boat, nor did those who went there have it to help them.

The result is that only this boy has come alive to the coast of Cádiz, although with severe hypothermia.

After the finding of the woman's body yesterday afternoon, the Civil Guard does not know if more bodies can reach this coast, as it believes that many of them perished on the high seas.

This week, last Monday, a new body of the boat that sank last November 5 on the beach of Caños de Meca appeared, bringing the number of victims of this accident has already risen to 23, the biggest tragedy related to the arrival of pateras so far this year.

The deceased in Caños de Meca were joined by 13 other immigrants killed in the Melilla thing on that same day.


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