March 6, 2021

New threat of strike by Iberia workers in El Prat

Passenger traffic at El Prat Airport in Barcelona is once again in check. Iberia land workers will continue with the stoppages in August, such as those carried out on July 27 and 28 and that caused the cancellation of more than a hundred flights. Although they extend the deadline for the company to exit the requests, the employees will not cease the strike until they are granted work shifts that allow for the consolidation of work and family life and that do not abuse the extension of the day.

The strike committee of Iberia does not specify the deadline for this new ultimatum, after, initially, threatening to have registered the call last Friday. As reported by UGT, majority union among Iberia workers in Barcelona, ​​the effort of the employees contrasts with the position of the management of the company and with its lack of viable alternative proposals “that prevent the stoppage of the El Prat airport in August".

The committee highlights the "need to seek immediate solutions" and does not believe it is positive to delay the process. For this reason, the union sources have indicated that "a short period is given to find a solution and reserves the possibility of calling new stoppages during the month of August". In this regard, they maintain that the commitment reached by the workers with the Ministry of Labor of the Generalitat in search of alternatives has been fulfilled, taking the negotiation until the end to avoid new strike days.

The Catalan airport has another open front. The indefinite vigilante strike called by the Trablisa company committee, in charge of security controls at the Barcelona airport. The new call will take place this Friday, August 9. To mitigate the effects, the Government Delegation in Catalonia has decreed minimum services of 90%. The resolution has been justified by the agency considering that the appeal affects one of the “critical infrastructure”, that of public transport, subject to special security, prevention and control measures by the security forces that have the collaboration of the watchers.

The strike is called about 500 workers who will leave their positions in the access controls during the summer season, one of the stages of greatest demand of the year, which can cause serious delays. On Wednesday, representatives of the workers and the management of the company will meet, with the mediation of the Ministry of Labor, to try to uncover the conflict.

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