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Today is a special day for Telefónica. It turns 97 years old and it does so by building the Nueva Telefónica day by day to lead the new era. The company, being faithful to its history, continues to take steps to continue to rise to the challenge that the new times pose. In the last year, which has been marked by the pandemic, Telefónica has brought out the best of itself thanks to its vocation of service, its mission and its values. In the words of its president, José María Álvarez-Pallete: “We have managed to keep life going. There is only one life and what passes through our networks is life itself ”.

José María Álvarez-Pallete: “We have managed to keep life going. There is only one life and what passes through our networks is life itself ”.

With this philosophy of service and delivery to society and all its audiences, Telefónica has continued to make progress to reach 2021 in full shape, following the guidance of the strategic plan presented in November 2019, a plan that is being met and executed without pause. The company is capable of attracting and motivating its people, it fulfills its social mission and does not rest on its desire to help build a better, fairer and more sustainable world, and where technology is at the service of people and not the other way around. .

In 2019, when the company strategic planÁlvarez-Pallete clearly explained the essence of his new roadmap: “Telefónica has been present for almost a century in our homes, in our companies, in our streets, in our emotions; it is part of our lives. It has become a relevant actor in our day-to-day life and an engine of progress for societies in the countries where we are present. As technology has advanced, we have anticipated so that the benefits of these advances will reach the whole of society ”.

In the last year the company has been strengthened, has been able to respond and be with society when it has been needed and has maintained compliance with the five lines marked by its strategic plan, working tirelessly towards the New Telefónica.

Fulfilling the first objective of the plan, consisting of focusing on its four main markets, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and Brazil, the company has closed operations of great importance. In the United Kingdom, Telefónica closed, in May 2020, a agreement with Liberty Global to merge O2 and Virgin Media. This is the largest operation in Telefónica’s almost century-old history, initialed in the months of strict confinement against the pandemic, demonstrating once again the commitment of its teams in the achievement of its strategic plan. This operation has just received provisional and unconditional authorization from the British regulator (CMA).

In Brazil, Telefónica, together with TIM and Claro, presented the winning bid to take over the mobile business of the operator Oi. In Spain, the operator turned on its 5G network, already available to 80% of the population. And, in Germany, it announced the creation of a joint venture with Allianz to deploy fiber optics in rural areas.

At the dawn of the strategic plan, Telefónica Infra was born which, in addition to the operation with Allianz, closed the sale of the towers of Telxius to American Tower for 7.7 billion euros and announced the creation of Fi Brazil together with the Canadian fund CDPQ for the construction, development and operation of a neutral and independent fiber optic wholesale network in Brazil.

Telefonica Tech is already a reality, with a history of double-digit growth in revenue from its services, and with all the potential that its cybersecurity solutions contain, cloud, big data and IoT.

In Latin America they have already carried out the spin-off business operations with the aim of adopting a new model for these operations. And finally, they continue to streamline and evolve the company’s operating model to accelerate execution and maximize synergies between all the Group’s units.

“Our essence is change, it is a company forged in change. And today it changes again. It returns to its essence. Reimagine the future. A future that passes through their networks and demands that they be the protagonist. It is impossible to guess the future, but I am convinced that the best way to predict it is to create it. And the future of Telefónica we begin to write it today ”, Álvarez-Pallete underlined when he presented the plan in November 2019. Telefónica has not stopped writing its future since then, advancing, without rest, towards the New Telefónica. A Telefónica that, as it approaches the century of history, feels prepared to lead the new era.

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