October 28, 2020

New technology and new design in elDiario.es

This weekend, elDiario.es takes an important leap. I imagine you have already noticed some of the changes: in our logo, in the fonts, on the cover, on the mobile … It is not a simple face lift. We have changed the design, but also the technology: the guts of our website. We are moving to a new version of our publishing system, a technical development that we have been working on for a long time. It is a more profound change than it seems at first glance and that will help us to better organize the information and make our articles easier to read, especially for our partners.

Our partners do not see advertising in eldiario.es. But until now this simply consisted of blank spaces, on the cover and in the articles, in the places on our website where the readers find the ads. Now our partners will access a new version of elDiario.es more comfortable to read; without advertising, as until now, but with a different layout that takes advantage of those spaces to facilitate reading. I think you will notice, for good, the difference.

The information will be the same for everyone, whether you are a member or not. We will never limit access to our news to those who cannot pay because we believe that journalism is a public service. But we did want to take advantage of this redesign to give our partners an even better version of elDiario.es.

If you are a member and you are seeing advertising, it is because you have not identified yourself with your username and password. In this link We explain how you have to stop seeing ads, or how to recover your password if you have forgotten it. I recommend that you log in to eldiario.es, both on your mobile and on your computer. You are going to notice a huge difference.

Another novelty is in the comments: there will be no differences between the mobile version and the desktop version of elDiario.es, and you can comment from your phone. The new website also adapts automatically to any device or screen width, and is more comfortable to read from your mobile.

The advancement for members also changes, which becomes ‘The cover of tomorrow’. Or our logo, which we modernized a little and to which we give a capital D to make it more recognizable. There are also new article formats, photo galleries, special reports … And there are still a few more changes that we will be implementing in the coming weeks.

When a newspaper changes its design, it is quite common that not everyone likes it. Readers are also animals of habit, and we feel uncomfortable when things change places. It is possible that this happens to some of you, that you miss the previous design. I ask that you give these changes a chance, and that you forgive the small mistakes that we probably have in the first days. Whenever a medium assumes such a change, some adjustments are required later. I beg your pardon for the inconvenience of this move.

The redesign was the work of David Velasco, our art director. And the new technology has been provided by Bitban, which has been with us since our launch in 2012, and has been working with our technical team for months.

We change appearance but not soul. elDiario.es is getting older, but it is still the same newspaper as always: a medium at the service of its community of partners.

I hope you like these changes. And that we continue to build together the best newspaper possible. With the help of our partners, we will surely succeed.


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