August 8, 2020

New system to fix music rates on the radio | Culture

For the first time, the fees that the rights management entities apply to radio stations for using their repertoire will be set by an independent body. Two months late, the Ministry of Culture has published this week the resolution – dated September 20 – of the First Section of the Intellectual Property Commission, that establishes that the tariffs of AGEDI-AIE, that represent the producers of records and musical artists, will be adjusted according to the intensity and relevance of the use of musical contents of each station.

The Spanish Association of Commercial Broadcasting (AERC) considers that this decision eliminates the "perverse effect" of rates according to which the radio that used the least music was the one that paid the most, since the prices were referenced to the advertising revenues of the stations. The radios maintain that the new model it breaks a practice that has led to "an unjustified price inflation". On the contrary, the entities claim that it will have "unpredictable consequences" on the group of artists, performers, and producers.

The publication of the text was approved in the last meeting of the commission, which rejected the withdrawal presented by AGEDI and AIE, to appreciate that this procedure – which also affects regional public radio stations – involves "general interest". Likewise, it dismissed the request for positive administrative silence made by AGEDI and AIE, and the optional appeal for reconsideration filed by both entities was not accepted. In addition, the recusal was rejected of the president of the commission, Julio Costas, who resigned due to pressures of the entities.


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