January 20, 2021

New "social" decree of Sánchez with the subsidy for people over 52 and four other economic news

New "social" decree of Sánchez with the subsidy for people over 52 and four other economic news


1. The Government gives the green light to the subsidy for unemployed people over 52 years old and rules out touching the labor reform. The Council of Ministers approved on Friday a decree law that includes the recovery of the subsidy for over 52 years (compared to the current 55), the registration of the working day, bonuses to hiring unemployed of long duration, the recovery of the contribution of non-professional caregivers and the increase in the non-contributory amounts of family benefits per child.

2. The price of housing reaches maximum since 2011. The price of housing in Spain is already up five years in a row. Specifically, 2018 closed with an average rebound of 6.7%, the highest increase since 2007 and is already at its highest since 2011, according to data released today by the INE. By regions, where the price grew the most was in the Community of Madrid (9.6%), the autonomous city of Ceuta (9.1%) and Catalonia (8.1%). On the other hand, those that grew least were Extremadura (2.7%), Asturias (3.7%) and Navarra (4%).

3. Competition alerts of changes in electricity contracts without consulting the consumer. The National Commission of the Markets and the Competition (CNMC) has alerted this Friday that some electricity marketers they are changing contracts without consulting the consumer with the aim of raising the prices of light. This year, companies like Endesa and EDP have already been fined by the CNMV for various irregularities in the formalization of contracts with customers.

4. The CNMV admits for processing the Fridman Opa on Dia. The National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) has given the green light to the tender offer by L1 Retail, the retail division of Letterone, a company controlled by Russian investor Mikhail Fridman, for the supermarket chain Dia, as reported in a statement.

5.MásMóvil, Phone House and Euskaltel create a joint venture to buy mobiles. MásMóvil, Dominion (Phone House) and Euskaltel have signed an agreement for the constitution of Medbuying Technologies Group, a joint venture that aims to centralization of purchases of mobile terminals, routers and other accessories related to the world of telecommunications by these companies, thus allowing to achieve synergies by simplifying processes.


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