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The Marijuana cultivation has increased since 2015, especially in a Mediterranean corridor that includes the Andalusian provinces of Malaga, Granada and Almeria, the Region of Murcia, the entire Valencian Community and Catalonia. The increase in the activity of artisanal growers and marijuana mafias is determining new norms in the business. These are some outstanding, contrasted in the experience of Civil Guard operations and prosecution briefs.

Inside or outside

Technically, indoor or outdoor: cultivate in a building or in the field. Indoor cultivation is more productive for drug traffickers, since temperature control and powerful light yield crops every three months and more buds per plant. But neighbors and electricity consumption betray the crop. That's why not a few prefer the greenhouse. Especially in Almeria, a maze of 75,000 hibernate farms in which it is easy to hide a plantation.


If the marihuanero chooses the greenhouse, he will usually choose one at the end of the 'cortijos' area, accessible by a single path, with access control and stop. So surveillance, defense or escape is easier before attacks by other narcos or police siege. The main greenhouse of those registered by the Civil Guard in Operation Acantha, last July, met all these requirements € and was 20 meters above the others.


"The narco zones the greenhouse", police sources explain, to always have reserve land and continuous production. In the business it is not convenient to run out of gender, giving the client the opportunity to find another supplier. To hide the plants, you will place tomato crops in front, next to the door.

The need forces

There is a reason why greenhouse farmers yield to the temptation of marijuana: the price of land. Intensive agriculture entrepreneurs are often trapped to get land to plant. If the year has been bad and the payments come, you will see as a solution to rent a marijuana. It is convenient for both of them: "The native does not restrict himself with the cultivation, he rents" - explains an expert civil guard; and the tenant is better to rent than to buy: by not having the farm in his name, shield his crop.


In the listeners, the Civil Guard detects an increasingly cryptic language. Marijuana growers, even the least professional, are no longer as easy as when having a plant on the terrace was an exotic novelty. For large networks, the location of plantations is already a matter of omerta. In order not to reveal to another drug dealer the location of his plantation, the grower, even if modest, will negotiate and deliver buds at a point far from the harvest.

Porros and brick

The bursting of the real estate bubble generated a great, large coast in Murcia, Murcia, Almeria and Granada park of chalets and empty urbanizations, without selling. "That led to the proliferation of housing cultivation," Civil Guard sources said, adding: "And attracted unemployed people from the construction sector who, with the end of the crisis, have not returned to work."

In network

Domestic crops, however small, are likely to federate. A boy, usually a child, plants in his house, like many others in the neighborhood. And those sell at once to a leader: it is less risky than walk around slowly in the street. For the same reason, several leaders in turn sell another one higher up in the pyramid.


The kilo of marijuana in buds, plasticized and stalls in Europe, worth 3,000 euros on average A plantation guard (24 hours on duty in bad conditions) will charge 1,000 euros on average per month. In this work abound the Maghreb guards, who help in the harvest. The artisan planter will draw 2,000 euros a month if it has a stable sale. The last price determination in transactions between networks was detected in the Civil Guard Extinde operation (last January). The Polish narcos in Alicante went down to Murcia to buy wholesale marijuana from other planters for between 1,000 and 1,500 euros per kilo.

Form defect

The lawyers of the narcos de la maría "they work as if they had a template", sources of the prosecution report. According to his experience, a double guideline of the defense is repeated: there is always money to pay the bail, and they almost always attack the instruction denouncing the violation of rights of the narco in the police listening, trying to demolish everything that proves that they planted to trade . In addition, they tend to attack the credibility of the THC analysis commissioned by the court.


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