New road in La Palma for farmers, collection of belongings and emergency services

This area of ​​the island was cut off from the northern part due to the arrival of the lava flow from the Cumbre Vieja volcano to the sea, which covered the three routes that until then allowed this connectivity (LP-2, LP-211 and LP -213 -Puerto Naos highway). For this reason, the steering committee of the Pevolca has arranged that it be the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Housing, which directs Sebastian Franquis, the one that carries out these emergency works, when acting on roads that are not of regional competence, and due to the need to establish an access road to Puerto Naos and its surroundings with all the security measures and that allows rapid movements.

The Minister of Transport affirms that there will be a mandatory connection by sea with the Peninsula


Torres explained that, during the meeting, the minister was asked that there be extraordinary actions on La Palma, beyond those provided for in the road convention. Actions related to public infrastructures and housing that counteract the fact that, compared to the general population growth experienced in the Islands in the last 40 years, which has almost doubled its population, La Palma is one of the islands with the highest number of inhabitants. it has suffered depopulation.

The minister was receptive to this request and, in fact, it is planned to re-launch a key project on La Palma: the so-called coastal highway, which will require an investment of 48 million euros and that, according to the president, will also allow a leap in networks, energy and new technologies taking advantage of their construction, apart from promoting more agricultural land and potential tourist infrastructures. This work would be included in the so-called reconstruction plan for La Palma after the eruption.


Meeting in La Palma de Torres with the Minister of Transport and with the head of the Cabildo
The province

Raquel Sánchez, like the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, and all the ministers who have traveled to the Island, reiterated yesterday the message that the Government «it will not spare any budgetary and human resources » to face the reconstruction of the Island, and La Palma trees are not alone. In this sense, he stressed that for roads there is a planned departure of almost 40 million euros but there is a long way to go for reconstruction, highlighting the unity and coordination of all the administrations involved. In this regard, he stated that they are working hand in hand with the Ministry of Territorial Policy to evaluate who is the titular administration of each road and that the experience of the State highway agreement with the Canary Islands will be used when undertaking the works, although he specified that you have to wait for the emergency to end.

Torres resumes promoting the so-called coastal highway, which requires 48 million


Both the minister and the president of the Canary Islands affirmed that they are acting with the maximum possible speed and coordination to provide solutions to La Palma trees, and not only on the roads but also in the homes for the affected people. Raquel Sánchez, within the powers of Mitma, emphasized that maritime transport with La Palma will be promoted, so that in the next navigation contract the connection of the non-capital islands with the Peninsula is mandatory.


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