Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

new rates with unlimited internet data

new rates with unlimited internet data

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Vodafone will reorder its contracting rates in Spain from next Sunday, April 14, and will offer for the first time internet data with unlimited consumption in mobile phones. The general director of the business unit of individuals of Vodafone Spain, Andrés Vicente, has announced the launch at a press conference in Madrid, where he explained that unlimited consumption of the Internet is included in a "simplification" of all their rates, both mobile telephony and those combined with fixed and fiber optic.

Of the five types of rates of mobile phones that Vodafone will have for new customers, three will include the unlimited consumption of internet data -at 40.99 euros per month in the cheapest of these three-, while four will have unlimited calls. The new combined or convergent rates (fixed, mobile and fiber) will also be five, and three of them will also include unlimited data. Current clients will have the will to keep their contracted rates or to take advantage of new ones. The special rates for freelancers and SMEs of Vodafone will also have unlimited data from this Sunday.

"We anticipate the arrival of 5G and will have a short-term impact on the company's profit margins, which will be compensated in the long term with the anticipation of an effect", said Vicente, who stressed that the deployment of the fifth generation (5G) of telecommunications networks - from 2020 - will completely change the sector and "transform all economic sectors", according to Efe.

Spain is the second market in which Vodafone launches unlimited data rates, after the Maltese, as stated by Vicente, who has advanced that the second phone brand of the company in Spain, Lowi, you will not have unlimited data "In the short term", due to "the different structure of costs and revenues that Lowi has with respect to Vodafone". The consumption of data It will not be unlimited in roaming (use abroad), but there will be additional data packages at no extra cost included in these rates, explained the director of marketing for individuals, Roberto Franza, who added that Vodafone complies with European Union regulations that establish the same price of calls. The data will be unlimited in Spain for all uses of the client, unless Vodafone detects remarketing cases.


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