New quixotic seedlings against the neutrality of the giant Spotify

The trio of country singer-songwriters that emerged in the late '60s, Crosby, Stills and Nash, have joined comrade and former bandmate Neil Young in his quixotic crusade against the rock giant. streaming Spotify. David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash have called for their songs to be removed from the platform, as Young already did on January 27.

Neil Young keeps his promise to leave Spotify leaving an album and two singles

Neil Young keeps his promise to leave Spotify leaving an album and two singles

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The three artists have issued a joint statement to unite in this cause, despite the fact that they had a bitter dissolution in 2015. The reason is, as in the case of Neil Young, the pulse against Spotify so that the company withdraws the podcast from production own The Joe Rogan Experiencewhich is on the list of the most listened to according to Spotify and which spreads unverified information and controversial opinions regarding the pandemic.

British comedian Stewart Lee has joined the boycott, requesting the removal of his monologues from the platform, although for now they are still available. "I am fully aware that this will make no financial difference to Spotify," the comedian said in a statement, "but for too long internet platforms have been able to spread lies with impunity, free from the checks and balances that govern to traditional publishers and broadcasters, and their efforts to correct this are still not enough. Maybe artists big and small can come together to do something to change this where businessmen won't."

Canadian folk singer Joni Mitchell, whose career also began in the 1960s, followed in the footsteps of her generational partner Neil Young and denied permission for her repertoire to be played on Spotify. The homogeneity of the group of musicians on the warpath with the platform has been broken with someone younger, soul singer India Arie, who has expressly stated that she is bothered by Rogan's use of "language and race" on her show. . And with British singer-songwriter Lloyd Cole: "When vermin are chosen over music we must reject it," she posted.

When appearing this controversy, Joe Rogan has apologized to Spotify and has promised to "improve". The Swedish company's response has been to maintain equidistance and neutrality, without this having taken its toll financially.

Neil Young's announcement caused a 7% drop in the share price, only to later recover 12% by assuring the company that it would not remove Joe Rogan's content.

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