New night of riots, anti-aircraft alarms and fire around Gaza

One week after the so-called "march of the million", the next 30, the conflict on the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel continues to grow and last night Palestinians threw dozens of explosives against the fence that were answered with two bombings by the Army.

"In response to the multiple explosive devices that were launched and exploded in the Gaza uprisings near the border with Israel tonight, an Army aircraft attacked two Hamas observation posts in the southern Gaza Strip," the report said. Army this morning.

About one in the morning local time (23.00 GMT) anti-aircraft sirens were activated in the Regional Council of Eshkol, as a result of an explosive launched against the security fence and making the Israeli population run to the shelters.

"The explosive did not cross the security fence, the sounds of explosions hatred in the area were the result of explosives launched in the Gaza Strip," said a military statement.

On Saturday afternoon, as it has been for a few weeks, the so-called "night confusion units", which are part of the Marches of Return (which are repeated every Friday for a year) carried out violent activities near the divide with Israel.

According to sources in Gaza, the participants burned tires, which they threw towards the fence of separation, to the east of Khan Younis, in the south of the enclave, to the east of Al Bureij, in the center, and to the east of capital Gaza.

They also launched "dozens of roar bombs" in the border area, to "confuse the soldiers and upset the small Israeli towns nearby."

The organizers of the protests issued a statement in which they assured that this week (which begins in the region on Sunday) the activities "will begin every day at 7:00 pm and continue until dawn, while during the day the number of incendiary balloons, "which are thrown with explosive or incendiary material across the border.

Four Palestinians were wounded by gunfire yesterday during clashes with Israeli soldiers and one of them is in critical condition, said spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Ashraf al Qedra.

Israeli sources say that in just three hours, the confusion units launched more than 300 rocket bombs against Israeli troops, causing no injuries.

On Saturday 30, the Palestinians of Gaza will celebrate the so-called "march of the million", to commemorate the one year since the beginning of the Marches of Return, which call for the end of the blockade and the right of return of Palestinian refugees.

In this period, 261 Palestinians have died in the clashes and more than 29,000 have been treated, 40% of them by bullet wounds, according to Palestinian Health.


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