July 29, 2021

New mortgage law decree: Snchez: "Democracy is also that they do not always pay the same" – The Province

New mortgage law decree: Snchez: "Democracy is also that they do not always pay the same" - The Province

The president of the Government,Pedro Sánchez, has justified this Friday the decree law approved by his Government so that as of Saturday it is the bank and not the client who pays the Tax on Documented Legal Acts, linked to the hiring of a mortgage, in the need ofredistribute wealth more fairly so as not to feed populisms.

"If prosperity is not like a kind of fine rain, persistent and capable of reaching all layers of society, disenchantment, frustration and disaffection arise, and that is where the pillars lie, the sustenance that feed theexcluding rhetorics ", he warned at the Ibero-America Forum that takes place at the Intercontinental Hotel with the presence of former Latin American leaders such as the Colombian Juan Manuel Santos and representatives of the main Spanish companies, to whom he thanked his commitment to the development of Latin America.

Before bank executives such as the CEO of the Santander Financial Group, José Antonio Álvarez, or the president of the La Caixa Banking Foundation, Isidro Fainé -who led the entity until 2016-, Sánchez stressed that in a State of law as is Spain "judicial decisions are complied with, whether they like it or not", butthe Government and Parliament can also "change laws in line with social concerns".

And that's where he justified the decision his government has taken to change the law after theSupreme Court rectify a previous decision of one of its rooms, which established that the Tax on Documented Legal Acts should be paid by the bank and not the client.

"Democracy is also that they do not always pay the same", he stressed, stressing that his Executive" believes in the redistribution of wealth. "

Prosperity and democracy

Sanchez has shared with the audience a reflection on the relevance that, in his opinion, has "re-link prosperity and democracy"Because" the more just the distribution of prosperity, the stronger the democracy and the pillars that sustain it ".

In his opinion, one of the main challenges facing Europe today has to do with social inclusion, with the need to "write" a "social contract at a European level".

Sánchez believes that one of the lessons to be learned from the latest economic crisis is thatsocieties can not tolerate inequalities consolidating in time.

"If those gaps are consolidated over time and sacrifices always fall on the most exposed, we will havethe breeding ground for that authoritative speech"that is already seen in some parts of the world.

"Social inclusion represents hope and exclusion a burden that weakens society as a whole" because it translates into "institutional weakness", in excluded women, in "young people without resources who can not develop their potential", has abounded, before to call on Western democracies to demonstrate more than ever their "strength" and their capacity to generate consensus.


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