Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

New installment of the surreal promotion of a deodorant in 'El chiringuito'

Rarely a advertising campaign it can have more impact thanks to social networks than to the television promotion itself that is announced. But in the case of a brand of deodorants which has begun to advertise in

The beach bar


Josep Pedrerol
You could talk about success without comparison. Now, Mega viewers have found a new installment starring Ferminnicknamed
The scholarship grantees
, since the writing of the Atresmedia program.

In fact, Fermín is usually in charge of preparing the program surveys as well as managing the web. But for a few days he has come to hoard all eyes because he has to do the promotion of a deodorant intended only for the male audience that feels very "man".

If a few days ago Fermín said with a fake voice that "I feel different, stronger, more handsome, more uncle uncle", last night he appeared in the middle of Pedrerol's sporting party lifting weights and saying that "this year I'm going to get on, like a bull." He said it by imitating the protagonist of the television commercial.

"I'm moving the pecs while we talk", Fermín said while a motionless Pedrerol again simulated not knowing what was happening to his most famous fellow. Among the pearls of the young man doing this advertising promotion two moments stand out. The first when he said he was being entered "An uncontrollable desire to ride a horse". And the second when he said: “You should use it too, Josep. And so you will stop smelling little flowers ”.

The campaign, besides being able to see in The beach bar It has been one of the most striking since its launch. In the original announcement you can see a robust black man riding upside down and ensuring that using the deodorant he proposes makes one "uncle, uncle"

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