New inspection campaign for the labeling of hygienic masks

CANARY ISLANDS.- The Canary Islands Government launches a campaign to control and inspect the labeling of hygienic masks

CANARY ISLANDS.- The Canary Islands Government launches a campaign to control and inspect the labeling of hygienic masks

The Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce of the Government of the Canary Islands has launched, through the General Directorate of Commerce and Consumption, a campaign to control and inspect the labeling for ensure that the hygienic masks sold by commercial retail establishments comply with the provisions of the regulations and does not mislead the consumer.

The area counselor, Yaiza Castilla, explained that the objective of this initiative is to ensure that, at the time of purchase, the consumer has accurate, effective and sufficient information on the composition or characteristics of the masks.

"Today there are numerous products of this type on the market, although not all have the same characteristics or conform to what is required by the regulations," said the counselor, who stressed that with the campaign "we not only want to defend the rights of consumers but avoid putting their health at risk, as they do not have clear and transparent access to the characteristics of the product ".

Yaiza Castilla recalled that the hygienic mask it is not a medical device and that, at present, there are three types allowed: those that meet the UNE 0064 (single-use) and 0065 (reusable) specifications and those that do not meet the quality standard of the UNE, but have been submitted to tests and can display the results obtained.

The campaign, which began last August, will last until mid-November and affects all retailers that sell masks. In it, the vendor is requested to provide documentation proving the technical specificities (UNE-0064, UNE-0065, etc.) or quality characteristics (waterproof, antibacterial, virucidal, maximum number of washes while maintaining the properties. .) detailed on the product label.

In the event that the consumer inspector detects an irregularity, he / she informs the seller and the person responsible for the product so that, within the established period, they can correct it. In addition, if said irregularity affects the safety of the product, it will be withdrawn from the market until the appropriate correction. All actions in which non-compliance by the seller is detected will, in turn, be transferred to the Administration to decide whether to open a sanctioning file.


When purchasing hygienic masks, the Directorate General for Commerce and Consumption ensures that it must be verified that their labeling is in Spanish and offers information about company data (name, business name and address); container content: number of units; composition; recommended period of use; essential characteristics of the product, including size and whether it is reusable; manufacturing batch and warnings.

In this sense, it is recalled that hygienic masks are not an individual protection material or medical product, therefore, cannot and must not bear CE marking -not even the CE logo, nor its labeling can refer to the types of masks categories of a PPE (FPP1, FPP2 or FPP3) or to an equivalence of these products.

Likewise, the labeling must indicate whether the mask meets the technical specifications UNE 0064-1: 2020, UNE 0064-2: 2020 or UNE 0065: 2020, which establish the minimum requirements that hygienic, non-reusable and reusable masks must meet, as well as such as the tested data regarding its effectiveness and the full price of the product.


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