March 1, 2021

New fronts attack equities

The turbulences hit the financial markets again on the second day of the new month. The reasons that have orchestrated such uncertainties come from the president of the United States, Donald Trump, after increasing tariffs to the Asian country by 10%. Faced with such events, equities have reacted negatively in general terms. In the specific case of the selective Spanish, the day has shown a mixed sign, even reaching a positive moment in some moments. Even so, it has ended up closing in negative without managing to consolidate the level of 9,000 points.

If we focus now on the companies that have shown the best performance, we highlight the IAG airline that recovers part of the loan during the last days with a rebound close to 5%, together with the most defensive companies such as electricity and gas companies. The negative part of the session is found again in the sectors most linked to mineral raw materials and in the most cyclical behavior as a result of tariff changes, highlighting the Arcelormittal steelmaker with a depreciation close to 7%.

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