New fall of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook | Technology

Social networks associated with Mark Zuckerberg's company (Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp) have once again suffered a fall in service,to second in a month and the fourth so far this year. The failures in the service have been registered as of one o'clock in the afternoon, Spanish time, without the entity having informed of the causes. Twitter and Telegram have once again become alternative networks for both messaging and expressing complaints.

The failure in the services takes place in full celebration in Spain of Palm Sunday and when many brotherhoods use the social networks to inform of the evolution and itinerary of the processions.

The problem has been registered shortly before 13.00. Instagram has suffered failures in mobile connections and Facebook, mainly, through its web application.

The errors have been detected by the users while those responsible for the networks have not provided explanations in this regard and maintained their pages with information regarding new appointments and the struggle to improve the contents of the conversations.

In the previous ruling, registered on March 13, Facebook reported a day after the incident that the failure was not related to a cyber attack type "DDoS", "denial of service attack", which occurs when servers are overwhelmed by an unmanageable avalanche of demand for connections. The network with 2,300 million active users had a noticeable fall in November, attributed to a "server problem", and another in September, on that occasion due to "network problems".

After the biggest technical failure of Facebook services, Instagram and WhatsApp last month, the criminal investigation opened in the United States for data management and changes in company policy of Mark Zuckerberg, he announced in a statement to his employees the resignation of two of its main and historical directors: Chris Cox, product manager, and Chris Daniels, WhatsApp business manager.


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