New exhibition by Paqui Martín with a journey through the different forms of the object book

Paqui Martín's object book inspired by Padrón.

Paqui Martín’s object book inspired by Padrón.

The Antonio Padrón House-Museum-Gáldar Indigenous Art Center opens on July 16, at 12.00, the exhibition of the visual artist Paqui Marín, Inspiration from the past comes to the present. Readings for Lola, that makes a journey through the different ways of manifesting the possibilities of the object book as a means of expression.

This exhibition can be visited free of charge in the Antonio Padrón Room until August 29, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and is framed in the acts of celebration by the 50th anniversary of the creation of this museum center dependent on the Ministry of Culture of the Cabildo Gran Canaria.

In addition to some works by Paqui Martín, the exhibition includes for the most part the creations made by those attending the workshop Inspiration from the past comes to the present, given in June at the Antonio Padrón House Museum, in homage to Dolores Rodríguez, Antonio Padrón’s aunt, and promoter of the museum’s creation.

On the one hand, they will be able to see artist’s books with various shapes and sizes using mixed techniques in their elaboration due to the versatility that this way of working provides when making the pieces. And, on the other hand, they are also exposed the altered books with their quirky new look that provide the opportunity to see how they have become objects of art, with a new life different from the one they were originally created for.

Among the works there are pieces carved inside a thick book, there are pieces allusive to the work of the Galician artist and the figure of his aunt, and also very colorful creations and others with absence of colors and with materials such as acetates, aluminum foil, paper high grammage. In short, a great variety of techniques and inspirations.

With the result of the finished works, personal creativity and experimentation are reflected through the techniques used, keeping in mind the indigenous movement, the inspiring flora of the urban garden and the magical space next to the work in the different rooms, thanks to the figure of Dolores Rodríguez, who is honored for her support of art and culture.

In addition, due to the impossibility of being able to expose the result of all the works, about thirty, visitors to this exhibition will be able to see a video that shows the creation process during the workshop and other works that the participants made.

In this workshop, under the advice and supervision of Paqui Martín, the participants learned the difference between artists’ books and intervened or altered books, to turn them into object books, that is, works of art with their own identity.

To make this work of art, you can start from a book that has already been published, which would be the books that were intervened or altered, to change the form and its initial identity. For their part, the so-called artists’ books are inspired by the traditional structure of the book, which can be combined with words and illustrations.

The object book is a piece of art created by visual artists whose concept implies that the work has to maintain some connection of ideas. When considering it a work of art, it is a creative and free activity in which different techniques such as painting, engraving and also photography are mixed.


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