May 16, 2021

New demonstrations against "patriarchal justice" after the sentence of 'the herd' insisting that "it is not abuse, it is rape"

New demonstrations against "patriarchal justice" after the sentence of 'the herd' insisting that "it is not abuse, it is rape"

More than a hundred people have gathered in front of the Ministry of Justice, in the center of Madrid, this Wednesday around 6 o'clock in the afternoon in reaction to the confirmation of the sentence of nine years to the five members of 'the pack' for sexual abuse. The motto was, again, to insist that "it is not abuse, it is rape" but many sought to be, above all, support for the victim. "I come in solidarity with her and also, selfishly, because the next one could be me," declared Cristina, one of the assistants.

The demonstration had been called with just a few hours in advance, shortly after the ruling of the High Court of Justice of Navarra that reaffirmed the April resolution of the Provincial Court was known. They cited feminist organizations such as the Union of Free and Combative Students, the Assembly of the Sun or the Coordinator of the 8M. The one on December 5 is, for the moment, the last feminist mobilization this year in support of the victim. Feminists were not only cited in Madrid, but in many others in the country such as Bilbao, Barcelona, ​​Seville or Zaragoza.

Throughout 2018 there have been protests that started in the same place and reached the Congress at different times in the process: when their testimony was questioned in the trial, when the first ruling of the Audiencia that had a particular vote was issued that absolved them – this time the private vote does not absolve them but asks for more punishment for aggression, 14 years-, or when the defendants were released on bail. The one of this Wednesday in Madrid had been organized of very fast way and, in addition, the sentence has left right in the eve of the bridge of the Constitution, reason for which many assistants thought that it had had less affluence than the previous ones, to have caught to many people outside the capital.

"Obviously no one escapes that it is not a coincidence that he leaves today, it is to try to avoid the mobilizations that have already taken place on other occasions, he is aware, but we do not care whether it is a bridge, a holiday or a weekend. to leave whenever it is necessary to defend ourselves against all these attacks against all, "said Ana García, representative of Libres y Combativas. They carried the central banner, which read that 'It is not abuse, it is rape. We do believe you. ' They also requested that the re-entry into prison of the five accused be immediate.

For Garcia, the new sentence is also "aberrant" and an "attack on all women." Although the Court of Justice of Navarra has issued there is unanimity that there is a crime but not in the type -abuse, what is maintained, or aggression, but nobody acquits them-, they see "nothing positive" since "The message that is launched is that you can do any barbarity against women without the consequences that should have." Even so, they attribute this change to the fact that "social pressure" has been effective, but they consider it "unacceptable" that they be condemned for abuse and ask for an "exemplary sentence so that there are no more herds."

A woman, in the concentration in support of the victim of 'the pack' in front of the Ministry of Justice.

A woman, in the concentration in support of the victim of 'the pack' in front of the Ministry of Justice.

Jesus Hellin

"That does not go out or be silenced"

Almudena Puyo, a member of the Feminist Assembly of Sol, was also there because the whole process has seemed "shameful" and "outrageous" and they want to be "in all possible actions on the street, it's how the action is done". In addition to the eve of the bridge, they believe that lately "fear is growing", in reference to aggressions to activists like the one that occurred in a Femen protest. "But the best way to fight fear is not to leave," he adds, and recalls that "it is for everyone, also in other countries." I think of Lucía Pérez, in Argentina, there are many names, many of which we do not even know. let's shut up more. "

'Enough of patriarchal justice', 'listen, sister, here is your pack', 'I do believe you', 'the pack is the system', if they touch one they touch us all 'o' if they do not kill you they believe you. ' They were the slogans that have been heard this afternoon in Calle San Bernardo tirelessly, leitmotivs of the year of mobilizations on the street. The current government has also been explicitly called with a 'where is the Equality Minister'. As usual they were shouted especially young girls: Laura and Maria, minors, valued that always "the important thing is that we are always present many."

There were also other profiles. For Francisca, in her 50s, what has been done with the 'herd' victim is "an attack against all women," and what bothers her the most is that it be considered abuse and not rape. Casimiro, 71, has "a lot of politics behind her back" and this is a new struggle: she has a 32-year-old daughter with a 45% disability and feels that "it could happen to her at any moment, to find a herd ', and neither could be defended nor justice done. " He had heard on TV that mobilizations were foreseen and he came to learn about social networks.

Maribel, mother of a girl of 19, is in front of the Ministry of Justice for "rabies". He remarks, of course, that "it could be worse, they could have been acquitted". "But above all remember that it is not an abuse, it is an aggression," he insists. He adds that we will have to "trust in the recourse of the Supreme," although later he corrects himself. "Well, we can not trust much." Elena is a student of a Gender Master and with her classmates she answers why it came on Wednesday that it would not be good for them to "study this and then not be here, we should not separate the Academy from the street". Also that "it seems that only something happens when there is a 'boom', but at the third and fourth turn they try to put it out and silence it.

Cries against VOX

The concentration was so improvised that there was no manifesto. Ana García, from Libres y Combativas, has said a few words. In addition to the slogans about the fight against sexual violence, she has referred to a government that "calls itself feminist but nothing has changed in reality". "They tell us that it's going to be done from the offices, that we go home, but from the institutions, things are not changed, we have to fight for recognition of the positions there but not only," he added.

There have also been protests against VOX, after the 12 seats won in Andalusia, something that was not present in other demonstrations against 'the pack'. Garcia appealed to "what has happened in Andalusia" since they "are the same, threaten the rights of workers and women" and recalled "young people who have fought in Malaga, in Seville, to the extreme right on the streets". They have chanted him among chants: 'Santiago Abascal is a criminal'.


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