October 21, 2020

New deaths in three shootings in the Mexican city of Guadalajara

At least nine people were killed this Sunday in three attacks with firearms in various parts of the Mexican city of Guadalajara, the Attorney General’s Office for the western state of Jalisco reported.

The executive prosecutor of criminal investigation of the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office, Luis Joaquín Méndez, told a press conference that the hypothesis that the attacks were committed by the same aggressors is being investigated.

He confirmed that in the two houses that were attacked there was allegedly activity of sale and consumption of drugs.

Méndez explained that the authorities consider as probable that the attacks were motivated by the sale of drugs, the fight for the territory and the war of the criminal gangs to control the market in the city.

The prosecutor confirmed that preliminary reports indicate that the armed command traveled the attack points in the same vehicles, in addition to using the same weapons, although this theory should be corroborated.

He noted that the first attack occurred at a home in the López Portillo neighborhood of Guadalajara, where the armed command arrived to assassinate four occupants, one of whom remained at the access gate.

Members of the National Guard arrived at the places where the attacks occurred to cordon them off and make it easier for the forensic medical service personnel to proceed with the removal of the bodies, authorities said.

The second attack was carried out in a house in the Del Carmen neighborhood, about one kilometer from where the first occurred, where four people were killed.

Elsewhere, in the Los Colorines neighborhood, the body of a woman was found who, according to hypotheses, could have been thrown from an attackers’ vehicle.

In the places where the attacks occurred, more than 20 bullet casings of various calibers were located, as well as various doses of the drug.

Jalisco, of which Guadalajara is its capital, is one of the states most affected by the war between the drug cartels and is also the main headquarters of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, considered one of the most violent operating in the country.


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