New blood in San Antonio Abad

Cristina Millares Vallejo poses in front of the one hundred pieces that make up 'Tracing Fragility: Drawing, Dissecting and Interpreting'. / C7

The 'Espacio CV' program exhibits the creations of Emma Marting, Juanjo Castellano, Tatiana García, Cristina Millares and Antonio del Rosario

Victoriano Suarez Alamo

Young creators from Gran Canaria
Emma Martin, Juanjo Castellano, Tatiana Garcia, Cristina Millares and Antonio del Rosario star in the new issue of 'Espacio CV' (acronym for Visible Creativity), which since
this Thursday and until November 6 can be visited in space
Saint Anthony Abbot of the Atlantic Center of Modern Art (CAAM), in the capital of Gran Canaria.

Photography, painting, sculpture, video installations and a conceptual 'collage' coexist in this institutional commitment that seeks to show the paths traveled by young art from Gran Canaria, the result of a selection developed from a public call to which they participated
21 candidates.

Orlando Britto, director of the CAAM, stresses that this "multidisciplinary" exhibition reveals a
"high level of production" and a "quality" that would allow the five selected to have space in "any exhibition of young and current art."

the young artists

The sculptures of Galdense
Antonio del Rosario welcome the visitor to the 'Espacio CV' exhibition. These are three pieces "marked by the
greek classical antiquity", recognize. “Today we are very linked to that history. We Europeans are heirs and we have the values ​​of democracy and the cult of knowledge », points out along with his three creations this young sculptor who had previously exhibited in a group exhibition at the Antonio Padrón House-Museum, Center for Indigenous Art .

Emma Martin. /


Juanjo Castellano, a native of Santa Lucía de Tirajana, "pays tribute to Fuerteventura" with his series of
Photographs. With the pieces of it he proposes a trip
“to the island of Lobos and to the beach of Majanicho”, north of the Maxorata. “Places of passage to which in the end we all return”, he points out about a proposal in which he also reflects, he acknowledges, “the relationship of the islander with the sea”.

The ground floor of San Antonio Abad is completed with a reflection on
«memory and archive» who proposes
Cristina Millares Vallejo, born in the capital of Gran Canaria. «I analyze one hundred photographs from the family archive, in which I not only focus on the stories they tell, but on their reverse. They all have two marks, which are born from having been ripped from the album. In some there were remains of the album on the back and in others there was part of the back of the photographs in the album itself », he points out.

Antonio del Rosario. /


This proposal is the starting point of a larger series in which he is already working, he points out, on this inquiry into the ability of photographs to "resist the passage of time".

The pictorial project of the aruquense
Tatiana García, entitled 'Breathe (in) the night' It is made up of a series of "landscapes that transmit the tranquility and calm" of the night. "I reflect a night that generates peace, silence and calm," he says about some paintings inspired by enclaves of Gran Canaria and La Laguna.

Tatiana Garcia. /


Emma Martina native of Santa Brígida, premieres the installation project 'Polymorphia', where he reflects on "the gaze of others" and "some types of violence on other bodies", especially female ones.

Juanjo Castellano. /


It is, advances the young creator from Gran Canaria, of «
soft bodies that fold and adapt under some tiles that give an idea of ​​soil and colonization. Bodies violated under a male gaze, not only of men but of an entire society dominated by the production of images that have been in the hands of men”, he points out about this installation that has a digital part.

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