May 30, 2020

New bis by Javier Camarena at the Teatro Real | Culture

Javier Camarena has triumphed again in the Royal Theatre. On Saturday night he has had to sing a bis again, and there are already three, this time in his only appearance scheduled to represent L’elisir d’amoreby Gaetano Donizetti. Although last night it seemed, once again, that the Dulcamara concoction was not useful for Nemorino to turn on his beloved Adina, it did have to take effect in the rows of armchairs, whose occupants fell in love with the voice of the Mexican tenor. Camarena, rewarded by the public with four minutes of applause after interpreting the aria 'Una furtiva lacrima', the part in which Nemorino convinces himself that the cold Adina loves him just by seeing a tear on her face, was driven by cheers and applause of the assistants standing up to reinterpret it, demonstrating their communion with the fans of the Madrid Coliseum.

Sabina Puértolas and Javier Camarena, and 'L'elisir d'amore'.

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Sabina Puértolas and Javier Camarena, and 'L'elisir d'amore'. ROYAL THEATRE

Camarena (Xalapa, Mexico, 43 years old) had already passed into the history of Real in 2014 as the only singer who had repeated bises two different nights of the same assembly, on that occasion interpreting the aria ‘Ah, mes amis’, of Regiment's daughter, also an opera by Donizetti. Camarena and the Italian baritone Leo Nucci (in a duet with Patrizia Ciofi in 'Si, vendetta', of Rigoletto, in 2009) they are the only male singers who have done bises in the Real since its reopening in 1997. In the feminine section, next to Ciofi, the American soprano stands out Lisette Oropesa, who triumphed in summer last year with Lucia from Lammermoor.

“He has had an amazing ovation,” Joan Matabosch, artistic director of the Royal Theater, acknowledged after the performance, “he has already explained that L’elisir d’amore it is a work that nobody asks for and that he likes a lot but has very little chance of doing. What he is really doing in Madrid is rehearsing Il pirate, which is a work of a brutal vocal demand, but has lent itself to making a representation of L’elisir, that he does it in a masterly way. ”

Thus, the tenor has several actions planned in Madrid between November and December. Apart from its only session of the 12 planned L’elisir d’amore, directed by Gianluca Capuana and with a montage of Damiano Michieletto that moves the work to a beach with a beach bar-run by Adina-, Camarena will be the protagonist of the Grand Gala 2019 on November 13 and, above all, will embody Gualtiero de Il pirate, by Vincenzo Bellini, between November 30 and December 20.

In this Saturday's session, at the end of the second act, Camarena sang the famous aria of L'elisir in the sand, next to the orchestra pit, instead of on the roof of the Adina kiosk, as planned in the assembly of Michieletto. After minutes of excitement and culminate the piece without support from the musicians, as the score mandates, the tenor remained silent, almost with his back to the public, looking at the letters on the Adina Bar sign, and the audience tore his ovation. Gradually he turned around and finally offered a great smile of happiness to the spectators.

Javier Camarena, in 'L'elisir d'amore'.

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Javier Camarena, in 'L'elisir d'amore'. ROYAL THEATRE

"The Aryan 'A furtive tear' sings it marvelously," added the artistic director of the Real, "because it is a piece written for a voice like his, a lyricist Belcantist, and he does everything masterfully: the way to sing , style, passion, and delivery. ” And Matabosch concluded: "It gives theatrical tension to every sentence and every silence and achieves a really cathartic thing."

The night was round and the Spanish soprano Sabina Puértolas shone next to Camarena. In fact, after the bis of 'Una furtiva lacrima', there came a magical moment with the aria duet between Nemorino and Adina 'Prendi, per mei sei libero', which ended with Camarena and Puértolas hugging and lying in the sand for several minutes while the public gave them a new ovation. And perhaps only the difficulty of repeating such a long and complicated scene prevented the Real from living a second bis on the same night. After the show, the audience applauded several minutes in addition to Camarena, Puértolas and the director, the Spanish baritone Borja Quiza, in the role of Belcore, and the Romanian bass Adrian Sâmpetrean, in the Dulcamara.

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