January 23, 2021

New barriers to the mobility of professionals and students




With the execution of Brexit, many things change and, in the words of Raisa Venermo who is a founding partner of the firm specialized in international mobility for foreign companies and investors «AvaLanding», from now on it will be «difficult to have a work permit as an English teacher or to give Spanish classes”. That is, the Post Brexit Agreement guarantees the rights of the 250,000 British residents in Spain and that of the 184,000 Spaniards (Health, taxes …) who are estimated to live on British soil, although they will have to do “A little more paperwork”. Another thing are the people who think to cross the English Channel from now on: the validation of the titles, the obtaining of the residence permit, the visa or the disappearance of the PErasmus + program, represent new barriers for professionals and students.

In any case, this expert has recommended that before crossing the English Channel you should contact the respective embassies so that find out about the conditions that apply at the time in which we embark on our adventure because there are still many aspects to develop and negotiate in the post-Brexit world. It is also relevant that just over 50,000 British residents in Spain have already requested the exchange of their green NIE for a Spanish TIE residence card for what they have until June 30.

Visa and point system

The first relevant difference is that the British who want to stay in Spanish territory (and the rest of the European Union) for a period longer than the 90 days must obtain a visa. In this sense, English tourists – 18,012,484 in 2019 – will be able to circulate freely once the health crisis ends.

For their part, Spaniards who want to cross the English Channel and stay on English soil for more than three consecutive months must apply for a residence or work permit. «For any European, from now on there is a system of points: If you speak English, have studies, have a job offer with high remuneration, etc … Before, nothing was needed “, says Venermo who warns that it will no longer be a matter of being dropped by the UK and looking for a job without worrying about paperwork to perfect the Shakespearean language.

What can be done?

For example, the founding partner of «AvaLanding» assures that a three-month language course will be possible «But then you will have to return to Spain for three months and return for another three months». In this sense, he believes that it will be «« difficult to have a work permit as an English teacher or to teach Spanish: I doubt that they will give it, the points are not met. Then the issue of roots takes years … ».

Investment in brick, entrepreneurship and retirement

So, what avenues are left for the English who want to settle in Spain? From «AvaLanding» they estimate that, in the case of Spain, there are “More than 20 types of permits”. Apart from the fact that those who have a native as a partner have it easier, this specialist with clients from more than 69 countries points to three specific routes: the so-called program “Golden Visa” For those who, since 2013, have or plan to acquire properties in Spain over 500,000 euros, they will be able to access a residence and work permit; as well as those entrepreneurs who want to start their business project in Spain thus obtaining residency and, in the case of retired people, the «non-profit visa “or” retirement visa With which you can live without restrictions in Spain, although the beneficiary will be strictly prohibited from working.

Venermo adds other cases such as those who have a highly qualified job offer, associated with new technologies and with a salary of more than 40,000 euros per year. This would not be the case for jobs like waitresses or secretaries. “With any other profession, preference is given to residents of Spain: if you want to hire a British person, you must first prove that, in Spain, there is no resident person who meets the conditions you claim,” says this expert.

Regarding entrepreneurs, the founding partner of «AvaLanding», highlights that “The Government has enough freedom to evaluate each project” and decide on the residence permit. In this sense, it has targeted sectors such as green technology, recycling or the circular economy. “It must be an interesting project for Spain either because of the jobs it is going to create, the investment, that attracts talent to the country, etc …”, he clarified.

In this sense, Venermo concludes that the situation will be more like Canada or the United States in this area than our community partners such as Germany or France. Professionals such as architects, doctors, nurses or doctors who previously could practice directly in Spanish (or community) territory or in English without prior procedures «now they will have to validation of studies when changing countries ”, pointed out this expert.

Goodbye to the Erasmus program

Neither will English students be able to benefit from the Erasmus + program, nor will Spanish students select a British university in this way for their stay abroad. All this with an important nuance: ‘UK beneficiaries can continue to participate in the program until the completion date, even after 2020, ”adds Verermo.

In any case, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already announced that he will launch his own version: the “Turing Program”, although there are still many doubts about it and it is hardly known by the media that it will have an endowment of about 110 million euros per year.

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