May 27, 2020

New attacks among prisoners of the Las Palmas Prison Center 2 – La Provincia

The ACAIP UGT union denounces the circumstances with which both prisoners and the workers of the center coexist daily.

The trade union center reveals a series of events that endangered the lives of inmates and the officials themselves, on Saturday afternoon at the Las Palmas 2 Prison Center in modules 3 and 11 of the center.

During an argument that went further, an inmate took out a homemade skewer to attack another inmate, in which officials who were threatened by these inmates had to intervene in trying to attack them.

After moments of great tension they managed to reduce them and were transferred to the isolation department. Almost at the same time there was another fight in module 3 on the rise to cells with the same outcome.

The center is in a critical situation, due to the lack of alarming personnel, a fact that has already been denounced several times but this October has worsened due to the transfer contest in which more than 80 officials have gone to other destinations and even until the end of October, the new ones that arrive at this center will not be incorporated.

All this together with the fact that we have been in labor conflict for more than 2 years due to the clear worsening of working conditions and the lack of respect of the different people responsible for not yet being agents of authority joins the lack of personnel already existing in this center since its opening the lack of synchronization to fill the vacancies of the transfer contest. In addition, they conclude there are personnel who have to stay after night because there are not enough people on the staff.


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