Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

New Apple AirPods for 230 euros

¿Merecen la pena los nuevos auriculares de 230 euros de Apple?

After testing the new and tiny 230 euros headphones from Apple We have good and bad news. The good news is that they are a good product. The bad news is that you're going to want to spend your money on them. While it is true that money, like time, is relative. What can offer helmets that do not have an excellent sound quality, or active noise cancellation, to be worth 230 euros? Something we have not found in any other model to date: a superior user experience.

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If the 230 euros throw you back, stop reading this review. It is impossible to be interested in headphones that cost more than the average price of a smartphone sold in Spain. It's They are expensive. There is no other way to see it. The new ones AirPods of Manzana They come in two models: 180 euros with a traditional box that serves as portable battery, and 230 euros for a version with a box that is capable of being charged wirelessly. There are no more differences in those 50 euros between both models.


Paying 230 euros for a headset is out of reach and many wishes, but the user experience is excellent

New Apple AirPods

New Apple AirPods

Like the original model launched a couple of years ago, the new AirPods they connect automatically to the iPhone, iPad and other devices of the company such as Apple Watch or Mac computers. They also work through normal Bluetooth connection, with its traditional pairing, with any other device such as Android phones, Windows computers, etc. The connection is faster with this new model, open the lid of the box reveals an instant window with which we pair the headphones to start working. Once the box is opened, the initial connection is a matter of 3 seconds.

The AirPods They also incorporate microphones so you can pick up calls easily with a touch. The operation can not be simpler: double tap the handset and you will pick up the call. The new model incorporates Siri, Apple's assistant, who can be woken up with an "Hey Siri" to choose the action you want: "put rock music", "call Pepe", "turn on the lights", "how much battery remains? ", etc. The same as on the iPhone, but remember: you need to have the iPhone nearby to make the calls.

New Apple AirPods

New Apple AirPods

To use them, you do not need to do anything other than put them in your ears and that's it. The battery of the new AirPods lasts approximately four hours long. Specifically the two full loads have lasted about 4h30 listening to podcasts, series and music, and about 5h10 on a second occasion. I tested the test by changing the paired device: a Mac, an iPhone XR and a Google Pixel 3 with Android Q in beta. You can see the battery at all times in the box and each headset in the mobile. Normally both headphones are unloaded at par, but there may be a slight mismatch of a few percentage points.

AirPods are the best Apple product in a long time. It is estimated that the company has sold 50 million of units despite their price

If you run out of the headphones battery you put them in the box, which has "power" to charge about four times. When the battery of the box is exhausted you must charge it by cable (if you have the version of 180 euros) or putting it in a wireless base optionally (in the version of 230 euros). Depending on the amount of use you give them, you should charge the box about once a week. The box is practically identical to the previous version -with its box of floss appearance-, only now it has the indicator light outside.

Conclusions: they are excellent, but maybe they are not for you

They sound better than the headphones that the majority of the population has. They do not sound better, of course, than a high-end headphones with sound cancellation and additional technical filigree. If sound quality is your top priority: AirPods are not for you. They sound great, but again: they are not competition for an audiophile. Its main advantage is the ease of use, which makes them as easy to use as a wired headphones without the disadvantage of having a cable always getting tangled in our pockets.

You have similar models of Jabra and other companies in the market but the connection and the experience of use is not as good as in the AirPods. The Jabra Elite Active 65t is an excellent alternative for approximately 170 euros and better sound quality.

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