June 5, 2020

New appeal before the Constitutional Court seeks Fujimori's freedom

An appeal filed before the Constitutional Court (TC) of Peru is presented as a new window to the intentions of achieving the freedom of former President Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000), in the midst of the renewal by Congress, which dominates Fujimori, of 6 of the 7 magistrates that make up the court.

The appeal was filed by a citizen with no apparent ties to the former governor, who requested the annulment of the judicial resolutions that reversed the pardon granted in December 2017 by the then president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (2016-2018).

Fujimori returned to prison in January of this year to finish serving the 25-year prison sentence that a supreme court issued against him in 2009 for crimes against humanity.

Although it remains to be confirmed if it will be admitted, the appeal was known when the process of renewal of the TC has begun, with the presentation of eleven candidates, in a decision driven by Fujimori that was questioned this Thursday by the political left for the speed With which it has been decided.

The parliament must appoint in the coming weeks the new members of the highest court of Peru, which requires 87 votes, equivalent to two thirds of the hemicycle.

That amount can be reached if Fujimorism brings together its votes with its allies of the Peruvian Aprista Party (PAP) and other forces of the right and center with which it can reach agreements as it did to raise the president of Congress to the former dissident minister of the ruling party Pedro Olaechea

This Thursday a commission created to deal with the renewal of the Constitutional Court proposed an expressly drawn up list of eleven candidates for the six authorized places.

Among the suggested names is Wilber Medina, lawyer for the late former president Alan García (1985-1990 and 2006-2011), who in April committed suicide with a shot in the head when he was to be arrested by the police for the alleged millionaire bribes received by the construction company Odebrecht.

Medina, who was a congressional candidate in the 2016 elections for the Aprista Party that Garcia led, recently demonstrated on social networks in favor of the cancellation of pretrial detention against Keiko Fujimori, the leader of the Fujimori party Popular Force, also investigated by the Odebrecht case.

Other candidates who also expressed themselves in favor of the release of the former president's daughter are Ernesto Álvarez and Carlos Hakansson.

Precisely the TC has yet to study next week a resource to assess the suitability of the preventive detention of Keiko Fujimori, which in principle will be given the current composition that has as president Ernesto Blume.

The current Constitutional Court has already issued several sentences against Fujimori's freedom when the judiciary rejected his recourse to annul the sentence that weighs him for human rights violations.

He also declared unconstitutional three laws enacted by the current Congress, including one that prevented congressmen who gave up one parliamentary group to join another, and another that prohibited state advertising in private media.

After hearing the latter's decision in October last year, Aprista Party spokesman Mauricio Mulder called the magistrates of the current Constitutional Court "crawlers" and said they are still an "inheritance of the Government of Mr. Ollanta Humala (2011-2016) ".

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