March 4, 2021

Netrebko, out of play due to exhaustion

Concerts, operas on stage, half-scene, tributes … Anna Netrebko has broken and said enough. His body has yelled at him that he is already well from so much jogging and that he needs to rest. A medical part that was posted on the Bayreuth Festival website today realized the need for at least three weeks to be absent from the stage.

The doctors who treat her have prescribed it. We will have to wait another year to see his debut, long awaited, in Bayreuth with "Lohengrin", for which there were no tickets left. It will be replaced by Annete Dasch. On another occasion it will be.

The great opera diva already canceled days ago in Salzburg "Adriana Lecouvreur" just half an hour before the show began. She blamed it, via a statement, on a problem with the air conditioning, too strong for the lyric throats.

He replaced it, from one minute to another, Hui He, who did not hesitate to accept the challenge, make an omelet in the pan, take the scores to rehearse at his teacher's house and literally fly to Salzburg on the plane that the festival made available.

And what about "Tosca" and Salzburg? He will sing it next year at the festival that will celebrate its 100th edition and that can set a program in line with the event. We hope that the air conditioning does not play a trick on the diva. With this opera he plans to inaugurate the next season of La Scala, in which he will repeat the Spanish Saioa Hernández.

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