Netflix’s checkmate

Anna Taylor Joy is the protagonist of Lady's Gambit on Netflix.

Anna Taylor Joy is the protagonist of Lady’s Gambit on Netflix.

Checkmate. Best Dramatic Series, Best Miniseries, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Screenplay … and so on up to 44 awards won by the series Netflix during the night of the Emmy. It is a record of statuettes that has not been surpassed since 1974, in which it was CBS that monopolized the same number of awards. There is no doubt that ‘Lady’s Gambit’ and ‘The Crown‘They rose as the great winners of this edition and they were more than deserved awards. Although the question that arose after knowing the data was Is Netflix making better series than its competitors? Lately the news that came from this platform seemed to be only cancellations, as well as failed premieres and signings. But it is that its volume of premieres is so bulky that it gives more the feeling that series like churros are made and quantity is more important than quality. But, the Emmy winners have made it clear that, among such a large number of titles, there are real gems.

Since ‘Game of Thrones’ ended, HBO took a run and it seemed that it was his series that was being talked about, managing to prolong his success through the formula of dosing his episodes. While on Netflix his premieres of the week were forgotten a few days later, once the initial impact had been overcome. The triumph of ‘Gambit de dama’ was an exception, remaining as one of the most viewed on the platform for months. The audience data of the streaming giants is one of the best kept secrets. But it is striking that in the same month that the series starring Anna Taylor Joy was released, on Twitch the audiences shot up in the accounts of the great chess masters who had switched to broadcasting live content. . The fiction, dedicated to recreating the early years of chess player Beth Harmon to make her way to the top in a man’s world, was one of the television events of late last year, awakening long-forgotten passions for checkered boards and interest in the most legendary plays. Word of mouth and the applause of the critics raised her to the top and everything suggested that she would be one of the great candidates for the Emmys.

His great rival was ‘Mare of Easttown’, from the competition. A police plot in deep America wrapped in a great performance by Kate Winslett. No one would have been surprised either that it had won the award for best limited series. This award has become one of the most interesting categories and in which you can find some of the most interesting titles. In recent years it seemed that HBO had subscribed to him. This year it has not been like that, when the chess player snatched the award from him .. At least, Winslett has been able to take the statuette for best actress in that category, since much of what has been this great HBO series is due to its interpretation.

It was quite a juicy temptation for the producers of ‘Lady’s Gambit’ to try to make a second season, taking advantage of the boom. Scott Frank, creator of the series, has made it very clear this week by categorically discarding this idea: “We told what we wanted to tell“So, for the moment, we can say goodbye to a continuation. Who knows if in the future I won’t find another story to bring to the screen with the same characters? One of lime and one of sand. Because Kate Winslett does. has left the door open to the possibility that we can have a second part of “Mare of Easttown.” In this case, the history of “Big Little Lies” seems to be repeating itself.

But with so much focus on the miniseries, it seemed that we had forgotten the oldest and that among them is ‘The Crown’ with four seasons behind him. Virtually the entire main cast of the exquisite biography Peter Morgan is bringing to the small screen have been awarded. Even Gillian Anderson playing Margareth Thatcher. I have missed an award for Emma Corrin as Lady Di who, as the tragically disappeared princess, has stolen the limelight from all the rest of the British royal family in this latest installment. What’s more, the cast will change completely for the fifth season we will never see her again. The brilliance of its scripts and great cast have made ‘The Crown’ one of the best series on the platform and on the entire television scene.

So what Netflix has had new competitors in recent years. After this Emmy gala, Manzana has debuted in this of grabbing prizes with the triumph of ‘Ted Lasso ‘ in the comedy category. Another platform that aspired to enter among the winners of the night was Disney with ‘Wandavision’ and ‘The Mandalorian’. But we already know that the world of awards always looks down on everything that smells like Marvel or to Star Wars, except for the special effects categories. So his forgetfulness has been predictable. One last note for him Failure of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, precisely in a year in which the awards for the best actresses have aroused more interest than those of the male performers. The fourth installment of the series has not achieved any of the 21 awards to which it aspired, so there is no doubt that it was truly one of the great defeats of the night.


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