Netflix will premiere 'Roma' and the new films of the Coen and Susanne Bier in halls before 'online' | Culture

Netflix will premiere 'Roma' and the new films of the Coen and Susanne Bier in halls before 'online' | Culture

Rome, by Alfonso Cuarón, winner of the Golden Lion at the last Venice festival, it will arrive in some cinemas a few weeks before it is distributed in Netflix. The announcement was made through his Twitter, with this message: "For those who want to see Rome On the largest screen possible, in some select markets there will be the possibility to see it in theaters and on Netflix. "

Beside Rome, the platform will lead to movie theaters before distribution on-line to Blind (Bird Box) Y The ballad of Buster Scruggs. The first is the new film from the Danish Susanne Bier, that has already rolled on previous occasions in the US (Things we lost in the fire) and that has the Oscar for In a better world, and that in this drama has had Sandra Bullock and Sarah Paulson. The second is the new western of the Coen brothers.

According to the specialized film press Rome will be released in some cinemas in Los Angeles, New York and Mexico on November 21, more than three weeks before its planned digital release around the world on December 14. In London and other US markets the film will be shown from November 29. Finally, Rome will arrive in some more rooms around the world on December 7 - and that's where Spain could enter - before it opens the following week on the digital platform.

Just two weeks ago the company reaffirmed the policy that gave it success. "We believe in the model of simultaneous distribution of our original films," Netflix said. But the pressure of the Mexican director as well as the desire of the company to validate the quality of this new platform with the Oscar has led them to what the company calls "evolution" and not defeat. "The priority of Netflix is ​​its members and their authors and we are constantly innovating to serve them," explained the statement that accompanied an announcement already expected in Hollywood. "Watch Rome on the big screen is as important as ensuring that people around the world have the opportunity to experience it in their homes, "he says. Cuarón,. "Rome It was shot in 65 millimeters and complemented with a mix of very complex Atmos sound. Although a cinema offers the best possible experience for RomeIt was also designed to be equally meaningful when experimented in the privacy of the home, "he adds.

This movement represents a remarkable change for Netflix, whose model has always given priority to its subscribers and to the domestic consumption of audiovisual products compared to traditional theaters. With this new policy. Netflix goes all rag in the awards season and places Rome as a competitor in the Oscars.

This year the Cannes festival was left without the Netflix productions of its competition due to pressure from French exhibitors, They force films to wait 36 ​​months from their premiere on the big screen to be accessible on the Internet. And Netflix was also at the center of one of the controversies that most blurred the brightness of the Oscars three years ago, with the criticized the absence of black actors among the Oscar nominees.

The movement #OscarSoWhite specifically criticized the absence of Idris Elba among the candidates for the Hollywood Academy Award for his incredible work in the first original film of Netflix Beasts of No Nation (2015). But the voters did the ugly not because of their racism but because they did not deign to see a production that did not have a traditional premiere in theaters. As Steven Spielberg hinted at Netflix, the policy of this platform to simultaneously distribute their productions on-line and in movies he converts his films to the eyes of some in telefilms.

Now the question is whether this small window will entice the members of the Academy to vote for one of the best-received works of the year. The projections of Rome among the different members not only of the Academy but of other professional organizations in Hollywood are daily, in cinemas throughout Los Angeles and sometimes with the presence of the director himself. And all of them conclude with an emotional ovation to this production of 20 million euros that narrates in black and white the personal history of a moment in the childhood of Cuarón in the Mexican neighborhood of Rome, where he grew up.


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