Netflix travels to Narnia | TV

When Amazon has just announced the launch of a series focused on the saga of books The wheel of time and continues working on another about The Lord of the rings, the Netflix response has arrived announcing an agreement between the platform and The C.S. Lewis Company to move the universe of The Chronicles of Narnia in series and movie format.

It is the first time that the rights of the seven books of The Chronicles of Narnia They are acquired by the same company. The novels have sold more than 100 million copies and have been translated into 47 languages. Mark Gordon, of eOne Entertainment, will join Douglas Gresham and Vincent Sieber, producers of the first two Disney films about these books, as executive producers of these projects.

"The stories of C.S. Lewis have had an impact on generations of readers around the world," says Ted Sarandos, Netflix's head of content, in the statement with which the company has made the agreement official. "Families have fallen in love with characters like Aslan and the whole world of Narnia, and we are excited to be their home for years to come." "Narnia is one of those strange properties that captivate multiple generations and geographies," adds Mark Gordon in the statement.

It is still unknown what the agreement will be translated or what relationship it will have with the three films that have been produced so far on this fantasy literary universe.


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