Netflix to premiere a documentary about Heroes of Silence

Heroes: Silence and rock & amp;  roll.

Heroes: Silence and rock & roll.

Enrique Bunbury, Juan Valdivia, Pedro Andreu and Joaquín Cardiel will be the protagonists of the documentary that Netflix will premiere on February 19 dedicated to the Aragonese band that made up the four musicians, Héroes del silencio, with which they reached much of the world. Heroes: Silence & Rock and roll is a work produced by Miguel Ángel Lamata and directed by an old acquaintance from Bunbury, Alexis Morante, since, in addition to numerous video clips from Zaragoza, he was the creator of the medium-length film Licenciado Cantinas: The movie around the disc of the same name from the Aragonese.

The documentary, which has a duration of 94 minutes, focuses on telling the history of the band since its inception and, for this, according to their promotion, an effort has been made to access unpublished material from it. Thus, viewers, with whose news they have already revolutionized the networks, will be able to see special moments of the group during their tours, rehearsals or recordings. Much of this material has been accessible thanks to the videos made by bassist Joaquín Cardiel and which, now, have been included in this long-awaited documentary.

Elaborate lyrics, complex arrangements and a powerful rhythmic base: the ingredients of the success of Héroes del silencio. So says the promotion of the documentary that can already be seen on Netflix and that has once again raised a good number of speculations about whether this will mean that the return of the band will be closer. The truth is that it seems clear that Enrique Bunbury has the key to this return since the other three members of the formation have not hidden their wish that if the right conditions are met, this reunion will take place. The last time that the Aragonese quartet offered a concert was in October 2007 at the Cheste circuit in the Valencian Community. It was the last of that reunion tour that made them offer ten highly successful performances, two of them at the Romareda stadium in Zaragoza.

The director of the film, Alexis Morante, has won awards in many festivals of Spanish and American short films, highlighting their nominations in the Grammy awards Latino and the Goya Awards, for his short film Bla, bla, bla. Morante has also directed different video clips for Spanish artists such as David Bisbal, Macaco, Fito Cabrales or Niños mutantes, in addition to those already mentioned by Enrique Bunbury. It seems clear that Heroes: Silence and rock & roll is called to be one of the platform's audience successes.


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