Netflix releases 'Bodyguard', the series that has swept the UK | TV

Netflix releases 'Bodyguard', the series that has swept the UK | TV

The last great British television obsession can now be seen outside the United Kingdom thanks to Netflix. The series created by Jed Mercury, author of the police Line of Duty, It was a phenomenon of audiences in the British public channel. Its premiere on August 26 on the BBC It brought together 6.7 million Britons in front of the TV set (35% of the screen share), being the best premiere of a British series this year. But against what usually happens with the series, his audience was more and the last of his six episodes became the most watched of the chain since 2008 (only surpassed by the World Cup in Russia and the wedding between Henry of England and Meghan Markle), with 10.4 million viewers and a spectacular 47.9% share of the screen. A month after the release of that last episode, it has already accumulated more than 17 million extra viewers, a record number on the BBC. What's wrong with it Bodyguard so that it has become such a phenomenon?

The series stars Richard Madden (Rob Stark in Game of Thrones), who gives life to David Budd, a war veteran reconverted into an escort who is assigned the protection of Secretary of the Interior Julia Montague (played by Keeley Hawes, who also participated in Line of Duty), an ambitious and powerful woman who in the past supported the military intervention in Afghanistan for which Budd had to go to war and that has left important physical and psychological consequences. In fact, under his appearance as a perfect man who has everything under control, Budd hides a disorder of post-traumatic stress that has affected his personal life.

The tension, the intrigue and the suspense are served in a story that hooks from its first minutes, when the protagonist already has to face a terrorist threat in a train. That beginning lays the foundations of a story that bears the unmistakable stamp of Jed Mercurio, applauded by critics and public especially for his work in the four seasons of Line of Duty (production of the fifth installment has already begun).

Mark of the house of Jed Mercury are the characters with multiple edges, the well-designed scripts, the unexpected turns and the addictive stories. Bodyguard also bet by the tension and the complex relation between its two protagonists and by moments of action.


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