Netflix redoubles its commitment to Spanish fiction

One of the first images of ‘Fair: the darkest light’.

‘The silence’, ‘thriller’ created by Aitor Gabilondo (‘Homeland‘), and ‘Smiley’, adaptation of Guillem Clua’s play produced by Minoria Absoluta, are two of the series Spanish that Netflix has in production and development, as announced this Thursday during an announcement of upcoming content. Both will take a while to arrive, but almost around the corner (premieres on November 5) is the also announced docuserie true-crime ‘Where is Martha?’, case analysis Marta Del Castillo placeholder image twelve years after the disappearance of the young woman.

On the other hand, film projects have been announced such as ‘Infiesto’ (the title is not final), of Patxi Amezcua (‘Seventh’), a police story with background covid-19 that today starts filming in Gijón, and ‘Nowhere’ (another title to be confirmed), of Albert Painted (‘Malasaña 32’, ‘Sky Rojo’), with the great Anna Castillo as a young pregnant woman who tries to flee from a country at war in a dystopian future.

Fantastic series to start 2022

The long-awaited series ‘Feria: the darkest light’, we have learned, it already has an (approximate) release date: January 2022. In this creation by Agustín Martínez and Carlos Montero, directed by the skillful Jorge Dorado (‘The head’) and Carles Torrens (‘Emergo’), two sisters teenagers must deal with the monstrous truth about their parents in the Andalusia of the nineties. “There is a sect, grunge music, fantastic beings, the Andalusian sun and a mine that looks like a labyrinth,” the creators warn. Needless to say much more. In that same wave of drama fantastic and of terror with local flavor is situated ‘Soul’, creation of Sergio G. Sanchez (screenwriter of ‘The Orphanage’) about the young titular heroine (Mireia Oriol), devoted to trying to find out the mysteries surrounding the accident in which almost all of her companions died and from which she came out alive but empty of memories. Although it still does not have a release date, everything indicates that it will arrive at the beginning of next year. One of his actresses, the ascendant Milena Smit, has also been confirmed as the protagonist of the film adaptation of ‘The Snow Girl’, Javier Castillo’s best-seller about a journalist who recovers the case of a missing girl.

Next year will also come ‘Welcome to Eden’, that kind of ‘Nine perfect strangers’ in the Spanish style that Joaquín Górriz (‘Disappeared’) and Guillermo López (‘Trapped’) have co-created, with Amaia Salamanca as the mysterious host instead of Nicole Kidman. Too ‘The longest night’ (new title of ‘Baruca’), the series by Víctor Sierra and Xosé Morais (‘Néboa’) about a group of armed men who must besiege a psychiatric prison to capture a serial killer.

As the viewer lives not only from ‘fantastic’ proposals (or almost), Netflix has confirmed a third (and last) season of ‘Valeria’, the series based on the romantic novels of Elísabet Benavent. Also the renovation of Elitefor a sixth season (when the fifth has not yet been released) and the premiere of a Christmas edition (or ‘Holidays edition’) of ‘Elite: short stories’.

‘Blind’ with a new Barcelona enclave

Something else, in principle until 2023, we will have to wait to see the Barcelona extension of ‘Blindly’, the (puzzling) surprise hit of 2018 with Sandra Bullock as a mother trying to save her offspring from a paranormal force that shouldn’t be looked in the eye, at the risk of forcing you to commit suicide. Directed by Àlex and David Pastor, who already turned Barcelona into an apocalyptic scene in ‘The Last Days’, it will have an important cast, as announced this morning: Mario Casas, Georgina Campbell, Lola Dueñas, Gonzalo de Castro, Michelle Jenner or Leonardo Sbaraglia will give life to these new survivors.


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