Netflix bets on productions made in Colombia with a global impact

Netflix bets on productions made in Colombia with a global impact

The digital entertainment platform Netflix, which will launch on October 19 the series "Salvaje District", its first Colombian production, will bet on more original content made in the country that captivate its users in the world, reported today that company.

"In a market as big and important as it is the Colombian we do not depend on a single show, these are three or four variants that we already have official, where we think of a combination of things," said Efe the vice president of original Netflix series , Erik Barmack.

In addition to "Salvaje District", Netflix will broadcast other programs such as "Historia de un crimen: Colmenares", in which he recounts the controversy generated in the country about the death of a Colombian student on October 31, 2010 after a party Halloween.

In the same way, "Siempre Bruja" and "Frontera Verde" will be published, work done with Colombian filmmaker Ciro Guerra, director of "El abrazo de la serpiente", an Oscar-nominated film.

Barmack stressed that these productions oscillate in different genres such as the political thriller, the supernatural series and the shows for young adults, in which they appeal to different interests of the audience.

"We consider it as a portfolio of programs and we are willing to continue investing in Colombian shows, so we will not stop at these three productions, but there will be more jobs that will come out of Colombia," Barmack added.

The executive affirmed that the world entertainment has changed and does not resemble the form of years ago, when a "high" percentage of the productions came from Hollywood.

As an example, Barmack mentioned the German production "Dark", the Spanish "La casa de papel" and the Mexican "La casa de las flores", which have a global impact and are based on the "holistic" vision of the world that They drive on Netflix, where the "democratization of creative energy" reigns.

"The principle of finding great shows with great talent around the world, which are outside the Hollywood system, is fundamentally changing our business," said the manager.


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