Netanyahu says that the US decision to leave Syria will not alter its policy

Netanyahu says that the US decision to leave Syria will not alter its policy

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Neetanyahu said today that the decision announced by US President Donald Trump to withdraw his troops from neighboring Syria will not alter Israeli policy towards the neighboring country.

"The decision to remove 2,000 US troops from Syria will not change our consistent policy: we will continue to act against Iran's attempts to establish itself militarily in Syria and, if necessary, we will even expand our actions there," he told the press before its weekly meeting with the Cabinet of Ministers.

"I want to reaffirm those who are concerned, our cooperation with the United States will continue to be complete and find expression in many areas: operations, intelligence and other spheres of security," he said.

The chief of staff, Lieutenant General Gadi Eisenkot, referred today to the withdrawal of US troops and noted that while "it is a significant fact, it does not have to be exaggerated about it".

"We have managed this front for decades and the Americans have made the decision at a time when the relationship between our armies is at its best," said the soldier.

Netanyahu also made reference to the border with Lebanon, where the Israeli Army began the North Shield operation this month, to find and deactivate attack tunnels dug from Lebanese territory and penetrating into Israel, of which four have already been found.

The military operation, said "continues as planned, on Thursday we blow a new terrorist tunnel and fill with cement and sealed another, this operation will continue in the coming weeks, until it is completed to remove Hezbollah the tunnel weapon."

Eisenkot, for his part, assured that "most of the routes that penetrate Israeli territory have been neutralized and the mission will be completed in the near future."


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