Netanyahu says he receives computer attacks from Iran every day | Technology

Netanyahu says he receives computer attacks from Iran every day | Technology

"We suffered a daily attack from Iran." With this warning has opened on Tuesday the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in Tel Aviv the new edition of Cybertech, the largest international meeting of computer security to which El País invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel. "Today, everything is vulnerable and is attacked", added the president.

Netanyahu has exhibited in the capital of his country, before the main world companies in security, the industry created from the defense needs (Israel is the country that more computer attacks suffers after the United States) and that has managed to attract 20% of the world investment in this field.

Israel, which spends 5.4% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Defense, has managed to capitalize part of that spending with its own model that means joining military needs to civilian ones through the university and the company. All these pillars are combined in Beer Sheva, one of the largest cybersecurity complexes in the world.

The sector generates in Israel, according to Sagi Dagan, vice president of the growth division of the Innovation Authority of Israel, 8.3% of jobs in the country, 12% of the wealth generated by business and 43 % of exports. Investment in Innovation and Development is 4.3% of GDP.

Visitors to one of the Cybertech pavilions in Tel Aviv.
Visitors to one of the Cybertech pavilions in Tel Aviv. REUTERS

With these figures, Netanyahu, who faces elections in April this yearHe has not hesitated to open the international meeting and to call for international action. "Any country can suffer a cyber attack today and everyone needs the combination of national defense against them and a robust industry in this field. we offer collaboration and we can continue with it to defend our countries and for the expansion of our economies, "said the prime minister after showing a map with the 50 countries with which he maintains collaboration on information security.

Israel's annual investment in this sector, according to Cybertech data, has reached 1.19 billion euros last year, 47% more than in 2017. The capital is not only its own, but 20% comes from foreign initiatives who have found in the Israeli system the necessary incubator for their projects. In three years, more than 200 new companies have settled in Israel.

These figures have made Israel the second country in cybersecurity. Netanyahu himself has estimated more than 300 companies with research centers in the country, including the 10 most important in the sector. All have met in Tel Aviv to face the new challenges in an area where threats are renewed every day. Diana Kelley, head of cybersecurity at Microsoft, said they analyzed 6.5 trillion threat signals daily.


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