Netanyahu evacuated from an electoral rally by a Gaza projectile

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was evacuated today from an act in the city of Ashkelon after the launch of a projectile from the adjacent Gaza Strip, which was intercepted by the missile system.

"A projectile was fired from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory and intercepted by the Iron Dome air defense system," the Israeli Army said in a statement.

Anti-aircraft alarms caused the electoral act to be interrupted in Ashkelon, in which Netanyahu addressed his followers less than twelve hours before the start of his party's primaries, the Likud.

In the elections of tomorrow the nickname 'Bibi' plays his continuity at the head of that rightist formation and the post of head of list in the general elections next March, which will be the first since he was accused of bribery, fraud and abuse of trust in three cases of corruption.

This is not the first time this has happened to the president, who last September had to interrupt an electoral act in the city of Ashdod and be escorted by dozens of security agents also by launching two rockets from the Palestinian enclave.

At that time, also in an election campaign, the images of the so-called 'Mr. Security' leaving escorted by an alarm, were the subject of debate and even mockery among some detractors.

Less than a week ago two rocket shots were registered from Gaza, to which the Israeli Army reacted by bombarding military objectives of the Hamas Islamist movement, which de facto controls the strip and who is responsible for all attacks coming from that territory.

Since the high fire of November 16 was reached, which contained the last escalation of violence - with 36 dead Gazatis, 16 of them militiamen and 20 civilians - sporadic episodes of violence occur.

Meanwhile, Egypt and the UN negotiate a long-lasting truce between Israel and Hamas, which controls Gaza since it seized power in 2007, after which the tight Israeli blockade of the enclave where two million people live.


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