March 5, 2021

Netanyahu advances his return to Israel after the launching of a rocket from Gaza

Netanyahu advances his return to Israel after the launching of a rocket from Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that he will shorten his trip to the US, where he will meet President Donald Trump today, and return immediately to Israel to face the security situation, after a rocket launched from Gaza wounded seven Israelis.

"A few minutes ago I ended a conversation and consultations with the Chief of Staff, the head of the (intelligence service) Shin Bet and the head of the National Security Council, there was a criminal attack against the State of Israel and we will respond with force", Netanyahu warned, according to a statement from his office.

"In light of the security events, I decided to shorten the visit to the US In a few hours I will meet with President Trump and immediately return to Israel to manage our operations closely."

The head of the Israeli government planned, in addition to the work meeting today with Trump, to give a speech before the main Jewish pressure group in the United States, AIPAC, and participate tomorrow in an honor dinner at the White House, on an important trip for him to show his links with world leaders in front of the elections of next April 9, in which the permanence in the position is played.

In the early hours of the morning, seven Israelis were injured between moderate and light by a rocket launched from Gaza that hit a civilian house in the community of Mishmeret, in the central region of Israel.

The emergency service Star of David Red (MDA) reported that among the wounded are "a 60-year-old woman with moderate wound burns and shrapnel wounds, another 30-year-old woman with moderate shrapnel wounds in her leg and five others people, among them a girl of 12 years and two children, of 3 years and seventeen months ".

The emergency teams also gave medical attention to several people who suffered anxiety attacks and minor injuries when running to the shelters.

Tension has increased in the area and Palestinian groups have increased their attacks against the security fence before the commemoration on Saturday 30th of the first anniversary of the March of Return, calling for the end of the blockade and the right to return refugees Palestinians

In this year more than 260 Palestinians have died in the clashes and some 29,000 have been treated, 40% of them by bullet wounds, according to the Palestinian Health.


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