Nestlé recalls 46 types of ice cream due to possible contamination of ethylene oxide, a carcinogenic product

Nestlé recalls 46 types of ice cream due to the possible contamination of ethylene oxide, a carcinogenic product.

Nestlé recalls 46 types of ice cream due to possible contamination of ethylene oxide, a carcinogenic product.

The company Nestle is withdrawing from supermarkets “specific batches” of some of their ice creams following the warnings of the manufacturer, Froneri, for the presence in these products of a carcinogen, ethylene oxide (ETO).

In a notice posted on its website, Froneri explains that they received the alert about the accidental contamination of said ingredient supplied by one of their suppliers and are “rapidly removing all affected batches from the points of sale.”

Froneri has clarified in a subsequent statement that “only very specific batches of certain products are affected.”

“There is no product category affected in its entirety and not all products produced under the same batch number are necessarily affected. The same batch has several ranges of products, some of which used the affected stabilizer and others did not “, precise.

How to check if the ice cream you have bought is affected

Therefore, it recommends that consumers go to its website (, where they can type the first six digits of the batch of ice cream they have purchased to see if it may be contaminated.

In any case, it points out that the amount of the affected component used is “negligible” in the final product and states that even in the case of consumption of a product that could be affected by this incidence, “it is very unlikely that it poses a risk to the health of consumers.”

The possible risk to health, as specified, derives mainly from the direct manipulation of the substance or a hypothetical continued consumption in large doses.

At least 46 varieties

For his part, Facua claims to have received lists of the ice creams affected by workers from various distribution chains. According to this list of products, they would be affected 46 varieties of ice cream manufactured by Froneri of brands Nestlé, Milka, Toblerone, Nuii, Oreo, Princesa, La Lechera and Smarties, all of them marketed by the Swiss firm in Spain.

The association warns that the list is not necessarily complete, as it is part of the recall alerts for Froneri / Nestlé products disseminated internally by the chains. Carrefour, Dia and Covirán.

FACUA has demanded that Nestlé and Froneri act with transparency and make public the full list of affected products. It has also urged the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) of the Ministry of Consumption to publish the list of contaminated ice cream.

Regarding the information disseminated by Facua, Froneri specifies that “the list they publish is neither official, nor verified, and may mislead consumers.” On the other hand, AESAN has published a statement in which it claims to share “the consumer concern due to the problem posed by the presence of ethylene oxide residues in food “.

As specified, this problem is being “managed since last September 2020, when the RASFF reported the detection of very high levels of ethylene oxide in certain batches of sesame seeds originating in or from India that had been introduced in the European Union“The AESAN rules out the existence of an” acute risk “, although it adds that it is” the chronic risk that could be a concern. ”

They have also been affected by ethylene oxide contamination some brand products Mars, company that has made known on its website ( that it is certain ice creams M & M’s, Snickers and Twix.

FACUA advises users who have one of the affected products in their homes to refrain from consuming them and proceed to return them to the establishments so that they can reimburse the money.


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