NeoMotor starts, the new Ibrica Press channel – La Provincia

NeoMotor starts, the new Ibrica Press channel - La Provincia

Iberian Press presented this Wednesday officially Neo Motor, a new global engine product that, through different multimedia formats, shows the best contents of the automotive sector in the 16 newspapers that make up this communication group.

A bet on the specialized information of the automotive industry that the newspapers of Iberian Press will offer through the new weekly supplement Neo Motor, an own website in each of its digital editions, social networks and a quarterly publication of a premium approach.

The Naturgy auditorium hosted the opening of a ambitious project which brought together the main brands and actors of the automotive industry. An event driven by Antonio Lobato, in which their main lines were announced.

Aitor Moll, CEO of Prensa Ibérica, Juan Ramón Rodríguez, commercial director corporate and Vicente Montoro, content coordinator Neo Motor, were responsible for making known and deepen the details of this new communication engine that will start on October 26.

The CEO of Iberian Press made special emphasis on the importance of the motor industry in the Spanish economic and social fabric. "Neo Motor is a global initiative and multimedia, result of the Iberian Press bet for the formation of added value, the digital transformation, the group synergies and the transversal integration of our newsrooms. The different heads of our group will work in a coordinated manner from different parts of Spain to create a carefully prepared multimedia channel that will meet all the quality standards that characterize this house, "said Aitor Moll.

He also added that "we want Neo Motor not only to be a great means of communication, but also through different events and initiatives, a element capable of enriching and stimulating activity and social life linked to the sector"The CEO finished his speech saying that" we are convinced that Neo Motor, the large multimedia window of the sector in Spanish represents a magnificent opportunity for brands, for advertisers and, of course, for our readers. "

On the other hand, Juan Ramón Rodríguez, stressed the strength of Iberian Press in the Spanish communication landscape combining their different local headers with their corresponding digital media. A stage in which Neo Motor becomes the perfect speaker for automotive brands to make their products and news known.

A date in which the unpublished 'responsive web' will be launched, which will also be integrated into the 16 digital headers of Iberian Press where all the local information of the motor world will also fit. A new website to offer the user the best content with a fluid browsing experience both from a computer and from the mobile. Articles, reports, tests, presentations, photo galleries and videos in high definition … all available to the user in a state-of-the-art environment.

The web will also have the support of some powerful and active social networks, with which we can instantly keep fans informed of the latest developments in the sector and be able to respond and meet their demands with a direct and close deal.

The second major protagonist of Neo Motor, will be a weekly supplement in paper format that will accompany each of the newspapers of Iberian Press. This will offer a completely renovated design according to optimized information. In addition, the last number of each month will have a greater pagination and therefore with more quality content for the reader.

Aitor Moll, CEO of Prensa Ibérica, and Luis Andreu, direct general business of the group, together with Antonio Lobato.

The cherry on top of this project will be the quarterly premium magazine Neo Motor, in which in addition to providing information on the world of two and four wheels, with innovation as a common denominator, content related to trends, lifestyle or technology, among many others.

Great diffusion

The Neo Motor project will be present in the 16 newspapers of Iberian Press, one of the most important groups of regional press in Spain. So much so that through its print publications reaches 1.5 million readers daily, while it has about 30 million unique monthly users in its digital media and more than 3.4 million followers in their networks social.

Each newspaper of Iberian Press will offer its own weekly supplement with national and local information, at the same time that on the web it will create a local subcontent in a section related to the global responsive website. In this way it is possible to cover the news of proximity, maintaining the identity of the group, hyperlocality.


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