November 30, 2020

“Neither you nor the extreme right are going to block budgets”

Pedro Sánchez has avoided the attacks of the PP by the budget negotiation with EH Bildu. The president has ignored the criticisms made by the conservative spokesman, Javier Maroto, in the Senate control session and has chosen not to respond to them in what has been the first opportunity to comment on the matter since Arnaldo Otegi anticipated the favorable vote of the left abertzale to public accounts. Not a single mention has Sánchez made of the avalanche of criticism made against him from the right and also from the socialist ranks themselves, to which he did answer in a closed-door meeting of the Executive of the PSOE. What Sánchez has taken advantage of is to accuse the main opposition party of “politicizing the pandemic” and “trying to overthrow the Government.” Neither you nor the extreme right are going to block budgets that are beneficial and indispensable, “he has settled.

Pedro Sánchez, to the critical barons who air the discrepancies: "They have my phone"

Pedro Sánchez, to the critical barons who air the discrepancies: “You have my telephone number”

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“You are unlucky. The first control session in which I am you have to ask me about this question,” the president began ironically in his response to Maroto, who is the leader whom the Socialists always use as an example by understanding with EH Bildu in his time as mayor of Vitoria. But this has not been the case on this occasion, as the PP spokesman had anticipated in his ‘face to face’ with Sánchez, to whom he has warned that “agreeing in a vote”, “placing some streetlights” or agreeing cannot be compared in a State Pact such as the one to fight sexist violence with negotiating public accounts.

“They are beneficial and indispensable,” said the president, referring to Maroto’s initial question and before listing some of the issues addressed by the budget project: They are beneficial to materialize one of the first lessons and that is that we have to reinforce the state of Well-being. “Thus, he has referred to” redistributive policies “or initiatives such as the Minimum Living Income.” They are budgets that reinforce public health, the dependency system, the educational system, “he summarized before asking himself:” ¿ How are we going to do it with the 2018 budgets? “He also mentioned the regional distribution of the items and the need to” create channels to convey “European funds, which will see 27,000 million euros reflected in the accounts.

Sánchez has defended that 198 deputies endorsed the processing of the accounts and has asked the PP to assume that it lost the elections. “They are in the minority and will continue to be for the next three years,” continued the president, who has warned conservatives that “citizens are taking note of their irresponsibility.” “Where has the right wing been?” He asked himself to answer: “What they have done is use the pandemic to try to overthrow the Government. They have not reached out, they have politicized the pandemic and it is their main mistake. Sánchez has warned those of Pablo Casado that “the way of doing politics, plagued with falsehoods and fake news it has received a resounding defeat in the US and the same is going to happen here. Neither you are going to overthrow this government, neither you nor the extreme right are going to block budgets that are beneficial and indispensable for this country, “he concluded.

The president thus responded to the interpellation of the PP spokesman, who has accused him of “handing over the keys to the nation to Bildu.” “It is unprecedented in Spanish democracy. It has perplexed the country with its decision to pay an unprecedented political price for obtaining Bildu’s support for these budgets,” Maroto has reproached him, who has regretted that it is “the first time that a The president does state policy with a party that gets rashes “if he has to condemn the violence of ETA, as he has expressed.

Aware that the president could reproach him, as on other occasions, for the words he spoke in 2013 when he reached understandings with the formation of the nationalist left as mayor of Vitoria. “My legs do not shake to reach agreements with anyone. And I think that is good. I wish it would happen in more forums. I wish the example would spread,” he went on to say.

“Never before has a vote been used to integrate Bildu into the leadership of the State, which is what his vice president has just said,” he said in reference to Pablo Iglesias. “The problem is not to coincide in a vote but the price that is paid. “. Both the Government and the PSOE have insisted that the negotiation with the rest of the formations will be limited to the partial amendments that they present to the accounts. “There has been talk of numbers,” said the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero on Tuesday.

Maroto has accused the Executive of “whitewashing” the formation of Otegi. “It is not a question of whether or not there is agreement in a vote – he has said about the amendments to the whole – but of the political gain that can be achieved.” “Try to compare a municipal vote or a state pact is to want to be blind and deaf and unscrupulous,” Marato has told him, who has reproached him for doing a “juggling exercise” to finish “concluding that the fault of his pact with Otegi is from the PP. “Bildu represents the worst of Spanish politics. You cannot even hint at it today because you would lose the budget, the Government and even the Moncloa mattress, “Maroto has settled, who had previously reproached Sánchez precisely for reaching an agreement with Bildu despite the fact that” it is not necessary “for parliamentary arithmetic.

The PP spokesman has also taken the opportunity to demand that Sánchez completely remove the VAT on masks, which the Council of Ministers has lowered from 21% to 4% on Tuesday. “They are only correct when they rectify,” he said in reference to the delay with which that decision was made, given that the Government was hiding behind the fact that the European Commission did not allow such reduction, although from Brussels they assured that the prohibition on cause of the pandemic. “Are you going to leave the VAT on the masks to zero or are you going to continue making money with everyone’s health?”, He questioned. Sánchez’s response has been negative after reproaching him that the PP asks for VAT reductions when it is in opposition and raises it when it governs. “We are in the Government and we lowered it to 4%”, has sentenced the president.


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