Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

"Neither one cure nor one more death, leave us alone"

"Neither one cure nor one more death, leave us alone"

About 300 people have demonstrated this Saturday in Madrid against the therapies of the bishopric of Alcalá to "cure" homosexuals, who unveiled In the act, convened by the COGAM association, part of the attendees have kissed to express their repulsion to the courses offered by the parish of Reig Pla.

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"Neither a cure nor a death, leave us alone," said the deputy of the PSOE in the Assembly of Madrid Carla Antonelli. From the plaza of Pedro Zerolo, which is in the heart of the capital and commemorating the historic socialist, Antonelli criticized the Episcopal Conference "endorse this barbarity" to "cure transsexuals and homosexuals." "We are not sick," he insisted.

Antonelli recalled that these practices are prohibited in the Community of Madrid and may include a fine and the possibility of withdrawing public subsidies. The deputy has insisted to the regional government and the prosecution to act against these practices against homosexuals and transsexuals.

For this reason, Antonelli has blamed the bishopric of Alcalá for the consequences of his therapies: "There comes a time when people say 'I can not stand it anymore' and they take their own lives, all those people who tell us that they have to cure us are co-responsible and guilty of these suicides, I make him jointly responsible to the bishopric of Alcalá for all the deaths of LGTBI people. "


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