June 24, 2021

Neither James Bond, Mulán or festivals

The expansion of the coronavirus and the global fear that the cases of the disease increase have forced to postpone and, in the worst case scenario, to cancel several of the most anticipated premieres of the entertainment industry and other important events in the cultural world.

In the cinephile universe, the cancellation of the latest James Bond film until the end of the year adds to the cancellation of the new version of “Mulán” in a market as important as the Asian, where cinemas remain closed, and the suspension of the filming of the seventh film of “Mission: Impossible” in Italy.

According to some estimates, the crisis over Covid-19 could lead to losses of more than 5,000 million dollars, says the specialized newspaper The Hollywood Reporter, while studies such as Disney and Universal reduce to the maximum the trips of their executives and the displacements in filming

In addition, cultural industry festivals such as the MIPTV television market, one of the most important in the world, and the Canneseries parallel meeting, which were to be held in France from March 30 to April 2, have been suspended because of ” concerns related to the coronavirus. “

Also the XVII Venice Architecture Biennale (Italy) will delay its start until August 29 and will last only three months, instead of the planned six.


In order to stop the spread of the virus to the maximum, several of the most affected countries – such as China, Italy, South Korea and Japan – keep their cinemas, as well as other public enclosures, completely closed.

These four territories are also very important markets for the entertainment industry, which has already taken steps to prevent its next projects and investments from falling out of favor due to the global alarm.

For example, the premiere of the new James Bond saga movie, “No Time To Die,” has been delayed from April to November.

The producers made the decision “after a careful evaluation of the world film market” and encouraged by requests from several fan clubs, although this will force to rethink the entire promotional campaign, once the star Billie Eilish had just presented the song for the tape -with record of listeners included- and that their trailers were already projected in cinemas.

For its part, the giant Disney Coronavirus agenda could not have been worse: His big bet for spring was the new version of “Mulán”, a tape that, for obvious reasons, has its main focus in the Asian market.

But, precisely in the three most important countries for this part of the planet – China, Japan and South Korea – the warrior’s new adventure will not be screened in theaters at the moment, although its premiere remains in the United States with a great premiere dated next week in Hollywood.

Nor can the giant Mickey Mouse be able to celebrate this week the launch of its brand new streaming platform, Disney +, as the large number of cancellations among guests forced it to suspend its event in London this Friday.


After the rapidity with which the technology industry postponed its events, the cultural world has followed suit and has already canceled several of the most important events this spring.

In Italy, the XVII Venice Architecture Biennale will begin in August, instead of in May, and will last only three months, in a context in which the Mediterranean country has seen the number of tourists and hotel occupancy decrease.

Its neighboring territory, France, has also canceled the MIPTV television meeting and postponed the Canneseries parallel event until autumn, two events organized in the city of Cannes, which at the moment keeps its prestigious film festival on the agenda.

Likewise, it will continue in the USA. the SXSW meeting in Austin (Texas), an international festival that similarly to the Sónar de Barcelona combines cinema, music and technology, and which will start as early as next week but without the presence of giants such as Twitter and Facebook.

Also, in the North American country the organization of the Ultra Music Festival and the popular Carnivals of Calle 8 will continue, both in Miami (Florida).

This strain of the coronavirus, of Chinese origin, has already spread through numerous countries in the world and leaves, so far, almost 95,000 people infected in the world and has caused about 3,200 deaths.

Javier Romualdo


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